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These Business Process Automation Insights below are curated from Accelirate’s Subject Matter Experts as well as from some of the leading Publications and other 3rd party Sources.

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Why is it so Hard to Find Good Automation & AI Talent?

Technology always evolves at “warp” speed, but in the past few years there has been an explosion of new technologies such as AR/VR, Blockchain, IOT,.

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How Does RPA Impact Traditional Application Development?

Written By: Zia Bhutta, Managing Partner and Lead Investor, Accelirate Inc. I am an Investor and Board Member in a Technology Product company, TapToBook; this.

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The Rationale for Using Process Mining Tools with RPA Projects

Business process mining and process discovery software are not new as these platforms/tools have been around for a while, including the current development of new.

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Is OCR Technology Cool Again (In the Context of RPA)?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology has been around for a long time. It has mostly been a part of various enterprise grade document management and.

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Robotic Process Automation and Application Programming Interface: A Match Made in Heaven or Not?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a surface level automation software which can be used for applications to talk to each other. Application Programming Interface (API).

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Can Automation & AI be a Corporate Function Just Like HR and IT?

As automation & AI technologies evolve, we see different operating models being utilized in many organizations. At a high level, these are the operating models.

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To Chatbot or Not? That is the Question

Chatbots are a hot topic everywhere. Everybody wants one, but some are not sure about the technology after hearing the story about the Microsoft Tay Robot..

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Are Your Business Analysts Highly Paid Interns?

Over this past year I have had countless conversations with Business Analyst (BA) Unit leads and they all seem to share a common pain point, they are spending well over half of their time inputting and manipulating data across multiple platforms.

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Why You Need a Head of RPA From the Beginning Not the End

When a company first embarks on their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) journey, 99% of the time Joe from Finance, Sarah from Process Optimization, or Tom.

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Types of Roles Required to Build World Class AI and RPA Teams

In our previous articles, we talked about different types of AI technologies and how and where they can be used in an enterprise. It is.

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AI is Not Scary!

Not a day goes by that you hear about the dire predictions on Artificial Intelligence taking most of the human jobs away. When you look.

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AI and the Fear of Missing Out!

We all want to do something with AI and Machine Learning. But how do we overcome the AI FOMO (Fear of missing out) fever? In.

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RPA Can Save You 15% or MORE on Car Insurance...Everybody Knows That

Well, maybe not on your car insurance, but in the world of back office, many different types of insurance companies face the same efficiency issues..

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Post the RPA Pilot - An Operating Model for Scale (Psst..You Have Help)

In my last 2 posts I talked about setting up the RPA CoE and how that can be a very daunting list of activities. But for those who.

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RPA and Intelligent Automation for Optical Character Recognition Based Business Processes

Many organizations today have well established OCR Processes where accuracy rates are pre-established based on the OCR tool-set deployed and have standard operations procedures defined.

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You Don't Need to be a Developer to Do This! - The RPA Edition

In the heyday of the Y2K testing craze, Test Automation tools were all anyone could talk about. I recall vendors selling their software directly to businesses.

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Our best Offshore RPA Engineer Almost Quit! Here's Why.

One of the first things we did when we started Accelirate was setup an offshore delivery center and hire Perdie, the best RPA engineer out.

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Is Robotic Business Process Automation (RPA) a Challenge to BPO, BPM and EAI?

No matter how you look at it, Robotic Process Automation and Smart Business Process Automation using Cognitive Technologies is a disruptive trend. RPA Technology will.

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Yet Another Article on So Called "Digital Transformation" But This Time in the Context of Robotic Process Automation

“Digital Transformation” is one of the buzzwords that has been thrown around quite frequently these days. It seems everyone has their own answer to the.

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Digital Transformation - The Great Game - Part 1 of 3

This is a brief story of “Digital Transformation” from a Writer’s Layman point of view. These two words are flashed everywhere by highly paid experts.

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Why Credit Card Transactions and Banking Operations Have Successful RPA Implementations

Transaction based companies that are highly regulated are a naturally ripe spot for Robotic Process Automation. Large payment processors like MasterCard, Visa and many banks like.

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How Managed IT Services Can Use RPA to Lower Their Bottom Line

Managed Service Providers can leverage Robotic Process Automation for their internal systems like HR, Finance and Business Operations to maximize their efficiency.

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How is IT Sales Evolving in the Age of Automation and AI?

For as long as I can remember, IT Sales has always been about three words: Product, Product, and Product. The technology was evolving at such a.

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Is RPA Technology Revolutionary or Evolutionary?

We often ask this question when an innovative technology trend emerges that takes the IT world by storm, especially when it is offering the “silver.

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