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High RPA Upfront Costs? Not Anymore!

Accelirate Managed Service Program(MSP)


Reduce RPA program costs by 50%


Procure licenses, Infrastructure, development capacity & support in a managed service model.
Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership with our “infinite” automation capacity

Use Our RPA Managed Services &

Reduce your Program Costs By 50%

  • Reduce your RPA program costs with the Leader in Managed Automation Services.
  • Procure licenses, Infrastructure, development capacity and support in a managed service model.
  • Our “infinite” Automation capacity makes us the only company in the US that can reduce your Total Cost of Ownership substantially.
  • Contact our experts for a formal discussion.

What are Accelirate’s Managed Services?

Accelirate’s Manage Services is an Automation Subscription Service that provides clients with all the licensing, development, and automation support needed to Automate Processes. This managed service includes Product Licensing and Infrastructure combined with End-to-End Delivery, Process Execution, and Support services.
For most organizations, the main challenge in scaling RPA is the substantial upfront cost which may not yield returns until further down the line. With Accelirate’s RPA365®, clients pay a monthly fee for all their automation needs and see the business value of their investment as they pay. This consumption-based model enables clients to invest optimally and continue to increase the ROI from Automation.
RPA 365

RPA Software Licenses

Robots, Document Processing, AI, Human Interaction

Software Licenses


On Premises or Cloud

Software Licenses


Automation Development


  • Process Analysis
  • Solution Design
  • Development and Testing
  • Deployment
  • Hypercare
  • Run Automations
  • Handle Technical Exception
  • Resolve Business Exceptions
  • Optimize Execution
  • Provide Metrics

Why Accelirate?

Ui Path Partner

UI Path Platinum

Infinite Automation

Infinite Automation

Leader in Automation

Leader in Automation & Managed Services

We selected Accelirate because of their industry expertise and proven track record with our company’s RPA tool, UiPath.

“Working with Accelirate has enabled our automation program to grow from a handful of automated processes to over 200. It’s also been the catalyst for our broader transformation strategy, which includes tools and technologies like OCR, APIs, and continuous process discovery.”


This platform is designed to
Attended Robots Icon

Attended and Un-Attended Robots

Document Understanding Icon

Document Understanding

Task Mining Icon

Process and Task Mining

Ai Center Icon

AI Center

Human Engagement Icon

Human Engagement Products
(Action Center)

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Test Suite

Customers have the flexibility to host the program On-Premise, in the UiPath Cloud or on a secure Finastra Cloud environment.
Existing UiPath customers can be converted to this model without any interruption to existing implementation.
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