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With the recent and sudden changes in supply and demand and the global shift in consumer habits to online shopping, retail and manufacturing business operations are being disrupted in unprecedented ways.

In order to keep up with consumer habits and stay competitive, retail and manufacturing organizations are quickly shifting to an advanced, technology-driven environment in front office and back office tasks. Emerging Technology Delivery Pods are helping these companies streamline work, keep data secure, and optimize critical functions like supply chain management and customer service to ensure a business maintains cost savings.

See how today’s manufacturers and retailers are embracing Emerging Technologies.

In an evolving business environment shaped by squeezing pressures from customers, competitors, and market disruptions, retail and CPG leaders are innovating with Emerging Technologies to transform both their back-office and customer-facing functions.

Intelligent Process

Process and Workflow Automation

Enhance cycle time, speed, capacity, and asset efficiency with process automation. Automation can streamline critical supply chain related activities; including inventory management, invoice and contract management, freight management, and returns processing, by having software bots execute process workflows at increased speeds and accuracy.

System of Record Integration

System of Record Integration

Streamline records, data, and CRM systems with automation and system of record integration. Unify data across multiple record systems for real-time and up to date customer records. By automating record processes manufacturing and retail organizations can have accurate and updated data to help with new and returning customers. Automating such tasks also allows for PO creation, order processing, and delivering orders on time by removing errors and eliminating process delays.

Intelligent Document

Intelligent Document Processing

Digitization is a major initiative for most organizations. Whether it’s uploading historical records or ensuring new orders and records are uploaded accurately, document processing is a major win and provides a large ROI for retail and manufacturing organizations. Automate incoming invoice processing, job applications, customer orders and more with IDP solution

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

With large amounts of sales data to analyze and work through daily, extracting new value and insights from various enterprise systems is critical to an organization’s success. Advanced data analytics solutions allow retailers and suppliers to carry out a more effective analysis and capitalize on sales opportunities, customer trends, and production output.

Attended Automation

Attended Automation and Call Centers

Provide a more seamless and personalized experience in the contact center with desktop automations that can pull customer data, access your CRM and other internal systems, and drive faster inquiry resolution. Call center agents will have a personal assistant to help provide caller information, update records across all systems, and pull solution options, to optimize call center operations reduce time spent per caller.

Process Mining

Process Mining

Take a closer look at major business processes with process mining. Be able to identify bottlenecks, highlight areas for automation and improvement, or check whether expectations and KPIs are being met by evaluating a process at the data level. For retail and manufacturing organizations there are complex processes that are often slow and outdated, mining can “take an x-ray” of a process to pinpoint exactly which pieces need correction and how to correct the process overall.

Emerging Technology Use Cases for Retail and Manufacturing

Production and Order Slowdowns

Orders held up in processing, errors in quantities or item specifications, and no notifications for upcoming order renewals can all be solved with automation and document processing solutions.

Unpaid Invoices

Process mining can evaluate hundreds of thousand records simultaneously and quickly. A client was able to identify unpaid customer invoices with a mining solution, locating over $1 million of uncollected revenue.