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System of Record Integration

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Accelirate’s System of Record
Integration Services

Accelirate specializes in System of Record Automation Services and has extensive experience in Salesforce Health Cloud for organizations across the Healthcare industry. The SoR Integration service includes the design and implementation of optimal solutions for maintaining multiple cloud instances and record systems across an organization. Using process automation, our team can design these systems to include integrations across multiple data sources and systems of record, resulting in unified data collection, seamless workflow automations, and unified data analytics.

System of Record Selection

System of Record Design

Discovery for Integration Processes

Integration Automation Design

Integration Solution Deployment

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What is System of Record Integration?

Highly customizable system of record integrations are an emerging technology solution that every business needs. Provided with a multitude of out-of-the-box features like web inquiry, lead generation, case assignment, territory management, and marketing campaign management, by implementing app integrations, businesses can optimize business processes across departments and improve day-to-day operational efficiency.

System of Records are CRM and Cloud Solution Platforms that offer a suite of products for customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, social media marketing, and eCommerce across a variety of different industries.

With the power to build relationships with customers and partners in an easy-to-use interface, Systems of Record, can help companies grow through unified data collection, analytics, and seamless automated workflow integrations.

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