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Education Solutions

Education Solutions

With the traditional education ecosystem burdened by tedious tasks, manual processing, and seemingly endless paperwork, smart technologies are enabling higher education and e-learning institutions to streamline these functions and allow staff to focus on other critical activities to reimagine productivity and operational effectiveness. The education sector is adopting automation and AI to help them improve activities like admission procedures, managing finances, and processing high volumes of enrollment forms during peak times. By embracing digital transformation, education providers can achieve increased operational efficiency while creating the best learning experience for students.
Intelligent Document

Intelligent Document Processing

Simplify academic document management with our Intelligent Document Processing services. IDP solutions enable end-to-end document processing automation to streamline the handling of enrollment forms and supporting documents to identify and extract specific pieces of data. Compared to traditional standalone OCR solutions, IDP solutions use AI so that as the system receives larger volumes of data, it learns and improves and requires less manual intervention.

AI-Powered Chatbots

AI-Powered Chatbots

Utilizing AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), smart chatbots can communicate with students and parents to answer information requests ranging from general FAQs to user-specific inquiries about enrollment documents, application status, course availability, admissions, and school accreditation. These bots can even walk users through the application process, knowing when to escalate to a human agent for more complex cases.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

With the help of RPA, education systems can augment their staff and administrators to handle high-volume, time-intensive processes like managing budgets, recordkeeping and reporting, invoice processing, course scheduling, payroll processing, and department reconciliation. Applying automation to these activities has shown to deliver quality improvements and more effective administrative operations.

Emerging Technology Use Cases Education and E-Learning

Function Analysis

Improved work

Streamline rule-based tasks while saving time and costs spent on rework due to human error.

Role Analysis

Enhanced learning experiences

Set up virtual classrooms and interactive education options to deliver students the most connected and comprehensive learning experience.

Task Analysis

Greater employee satisfaction & retention.

Attract, develop, and retain productive and motivated teachers; enable innovative teaching experiences for better academic outcomes.

Opportunity Analysis


Control operating expenses with digital workers handling high-volume tasks quickly and more cost effectively than manual processing.