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Emerging Technology Solution White Papers

Document Processing – The White Hart of Straight Through Processing

I often have conversations with customers who have started Intelligent Document Processing projects as a part of their RPA practice, and a common thread that has emerged is a general discontentment with the Straight Through Processing rate of transaction processing. Just to be clear, straight through processing refers to transactions that do not require a […]

A $1.5MM Lesson in Planning for Scalability

The Mistake of Thinking Small with RPA Projects One of the biggest roadblocks to a successful RPA implementation is a lack of planning for RPA scalability RPA scalability within the business. Executives who see automation as optional tend to have a “start small” attitude towards RPA adoption, taking a piecemeal approach that often results in […]

Implementing NLP-Powered Chatbots for Major E-Learning Provider

The Rise of Virtual Customer Service For any organization, successful customer engagement relies on maximizing and optimizing the potential of digital and physical customer service channels to provide a smooth experience. A 2020 Salesforce study found that 69% of consumers prefer to use chatbots for speedy communication with businesses. Powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), […]

Retirement Plan Client Request Automation

The Money Out Unit at a Major Financial Services Company is responsible for managing client retirement plan-based requests. The team receives email requests from clients asking to either withdraw, take a loan from, or disburse their retirement plan funds. Rather than bogging down the Money Out team with requests, requiring them to look up client […]

Process Discovery Engagement for Large Healthcare Organization

A large-scale Health Maintenance Organization currently services multiple counties throughout California. Going into 2022, the organization is looking to expand into new services areas with an estimated 2,700 new members expected by the end of the year. The organization currently has an ongoing RPA initiative with a goal to grow the company as a whole […]