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Accelirated Process Mining

Rapid Deployment of Process Mining Platform

Process Mining as a Service

The Accelirated Mining Service offers clear deliverables of number of Mines to be delivered, overall timelines and what insights are to be delivered for each ‘Mine’ and are validated by Leadership before and after the implementation.

Our "Accelirated Mines"

Process Mining Service Deliverables

  • Custom ETL Data Connector
  • Custom Process Data Visualization Application
  • Process Analysis and Insights Documents
  • Data Pipelines and Continuous Monitoring
  • Integration to Action Center
  • Knowledge Transfer Sessions
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • COE Establishment
Bronze Mine

Bronze Mine$1,916/mo

  • Small Scale Pilots for Mining
  • 1 Data System
  • 1 Small Process or Sub-Process
  • Proves the Usefulness of Mining
  • 1 Month Engagement
Silver Mine

Silver Mine$3,583/mo

  • Full Process Mine End-to-End
  • 1-2 Data Systems
  • Get Total Insights Into Your Business
  • 2 Month Engagement

What is "Accelirated Mining?"

Accelirated Mining™ is the industry’s first Process Mining Managed Service, enabling programs to establish or scale their automation capability by providing clear, measurable automation outcomes.

Designed for customers who want to leverage the benefits of Process Mining without having a large initial outlay. It provides a flexible and scalable way to deploy process optimization and mining for any organization.

"What you can expect from Accelirated Mining"

How it Works

As part of Accelirated Process Mining, we will collaborate with you to understand where Process Mining can provide the most valuable insights for your key processes. We then deploy the select mines and build business facing dashboards that allow for in depth analysis of your process. Based on insights from those dashboards we provide a value-based, auditable roadmap for automation.

What is Process Mining?

Process Mining is one of the most popular emerging technology solutions in the business optimization space. Allowing organizations a detailed, x-ray view of their business processes opens the door to many valuable benefits. Accelirate’s process mining global delivery pods are equipped to help organizations at any stage of the process mining journey. Trained on the leading process mining platforms, our mining pods have helped organizations in various industries learn valuable information about their processes, find inefficiencies that can be corrected, discovery areas fit for automation, and in some cases have even found unaccounted for revenue missed between various data systems.

Process Mining is performed using data created by business processes as they run. By transforming business processes data into event logs, the Accelirate mining can perform process discovery to help better understand a business process, conformance checking to make sure a process is running as expected, or search for areas of enhancements and automation opportunities. What makes Process Mining a unique emerging technology solution is that it can be used to answer specific questions about a process using specific types of mines or can be used for multiple purposes at once as all the types of mines can be completed simultaneously. From small-scale pilots and full end-to-end process mines to creating a COE for process mining for larger scale initiatives, Accelirate’s process mining experts are here to help and can mine processes in as quick as one-month engagements.

Process Mining Service Deliverables

What is Mine

Process Discovery


Help give a clear understanding of how processes run every day including the steps, interactions, and variations that occur.
Conformance Checking


Check whether the real-world process that your data systems are showing conforms to the ideal version of the process stored in your process maps and business understanding.
Enhancement Mining


Looks to help identify bottlenecks, throughput times, wait time, sequence time, and other time-related metrics in your process, allowing for optimization and enhancement strategies to be put in place.
Automation Opportunities


Help identify areas of processes that automation may be useful and monitor the effects and value created by those automations over time.

Process Mining Lifecycle

Planning Phase

Planning Phase

  • Client Onboarding
  • Process Selection
  • Data, Systems, & Process Validation
Data Transformation

Data Transformation

  • Create Connections To Source System
  • Extract, Transform, Load Data
  • Create Process Model End-To-End
Date Enhancement

Date Enhancement

  • Implement Custom Business Logic, Questions, And Examples
  • Create Custom Dashboards, Visualizations, & KPI Metrics
  • Setup And User Environments For Analysis
Process Analysis

Process Analysis

  • Analyze The Process Model Created
  • Gain Insights From Dashboards, Visualizations, And Kpi Metrics
  • Create Process Insights Documents (Pids)
Insights Presentation

Insights Presentation

  • Present Insights To The Projects Stakeholders
  • Workshop To Tech End Users The Mining Tool
  • Next Steps And Automation Opportunities