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Oil, Gas, and Energy Solutions

Oil and gas companies face a number of unique challenges that threaten efficiency including: the high cost of regulatory compliance, global market volatility, and the shift to a fast-paced digital business landscape. Accelirate’s Emerging Technology Pods help oil and gas companies adapt to these consumer and market changes by equipping them with the tools and technologies to thrive in the constantly evolving digital ecosystem.

Oil, Gas, and Energy organizations are leveraging automation throughout both front line and back office operations. The scope of streamlining these processes goes beyond just eliminating paperwork or reducing the error margin for well drillings. By automating and unifying operational systems and procedures across the organization, Emerging Technology Pods can deliver high-impact solutions for major energy operations.

Here’s an overview of how Accelirate’s E.T. pods can solve for common challenges faced by oil, gas, and energy companies.

AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning

Leverage predictive analytics to more accurately assess energy needs across the country. Whether its a major state event, or weather shifts, machine learning tied with automation can help notify and prepare for surges in demand and need. This technology can also be leveraged to more accurately measure trading and pricing for oil and gas.

Data Analytics Solutions

Data Analytics Solutions

Analyze well exploration and production reports with more speed and accuracy to determine amounts left to collect and where to drill next. Standardized reports can streamline calculations needed for operations.

Desktop Automation

Intelligent Process Automation

Millions of hours are spent each year on repetitive, manual tasks. Process Automation can be leveraged to lessen the load of such tasks. Processes like payroll, eTickets, wells management, employee hours and reports, equity investment reporting, accounts payable, and more.

Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing

In an industry that heavily relies on documentation and reports, IDP is a quick ROI and optimization win. Automating processes involving invoices, applications, time sheets, well reports, freight and gasoline receipts, and any other document. Automation and IDP allows for unified records, accurate processing, and quick throughput time for these critical processes.

Intelligent Document

Process Re-Engineering

Optimize and transform legacy business processes with process re-engineering. Evaluate current KPIs, process steps, systems used, and map out an automation and modernization action plan to implement an updated business process. Often times organizations execute processes the same way for years because it’s what works and what is known, however, there is typically a more efficient, modern, and emerging-tech supplemented solution that can increase ROI and cut costs.

Create Business Resilience

Citizen Developer Enablement

Provide solutions to all departments and all employees across an organization by enabling them with automation. A small accounting team can create a bot to run payroll, or a sales rep could design an automation to scrape emails for updated prospect contact information. Enabling employees with the right tools can increase productivity on a small scale in order to make an impactful productivity impact. A major oil & gas client of ours currently has over 600 citizen developers and has even had small department teams create processes that have saved thousands of hours without having to bog down their organization-wide dedicated developers

Emerging Technology Use Cases for Oil, Gas, and Energy

Combat Fluctuating Barrel Costs

Leverage automation and emerging technology to reduce back-office processes and necessary man-power. By making cuts in these areas, organizations can stay competitive with their barrel prices.

Optimize Investments

Analyze project cash flows to best determine where to continue investing and where to close a project. End drilling of a well in a slower area to invest more into a more profitable one.

Function Analysis


Data Analytics, Reporting for Exploration, Production

Role Analysis


Various Logistics, Trading, Safety Check-Lists, Supply Chain Management.

Task Analysis


Pricing, Reporting, Monitoring.