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Banking and Financial Services Solutions

Banks and financial services firms are under pressure to meet ever-evolving regulatory requirements, innovate faster than their competitors, improve operational efficiency and create seamless customer experiences – all while navigating a complex digital landscape.

Accelirate’s Emerging Technology Pods enable financial firms to meet these challenges and thrive in today’s digital business environment through our capabilities in fintech solutions including intelligent document processing, business intelligence, data analytics, API integrations, and intelligent automation. Our deep domain expertise and full-scale solution development approach help your business innovate with momentum.

The scope of streamlining key institutional healthcare processes goes beyond just eliminating paperwork or reducing the amount of time it takes to process, file, or store a form. By supporting your teams, bridging system gaps and assisting patients, our Emerging Technology Pods can deliver high-impact solutions for provider groups, treatment networks, and third-party revenue cycle managers.

Here’s an overview of how Accelirate’s E.T. pods can solve for common challenges faced by healthcare organizations.

Intelligent Process

Intelligent Process

A key enabler of digital transformation, RPA bots carry out the high-volume, cross-system processes that banking and financial institutions rely on, and can do so at greater capacity than human workers. For finance firms, this means improved productivity, profitability, and operational efficiency. For employees, it means improved experience, greater focus on customers, and more time to focus on high-value activities.

API-based Systems

API-based Systems

Integrate your company’s core banking platform with third-party data networks and applications to drive greater business agility and expand access to customers. Our API integration services help financial firms meet customer expectations around managing their finances, all while enhancing customer protection and security.

Intelligent Document

Intelligent Document

Intelligent Document Processing enables end-to-end document processing automation for financial firms, streamlining critical functions such as bank form processing, credit application processing, and mortgage document processing. Compared to traditional standalone OCR solutions, IDP solutions use AI so that as the system receives larger volumes of data, it learns and improves and requires less manual intervention.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Driven by robust data architecture and analytics platforms, our data intelligence solutions help financial organizations aggregate and consolidate critical operational data that can be used for modeling and predicting new market opportunities to grow bottom line.

Process Mining

Process Mining

Process mining opens to door to continuous optimization by giving banking organizations an in-depth, X-ray level view of the inner working of their business processes. Our mining services have enabled numerous financial services clients to unlock millions of dollars of value trapped within their transaction systems, creating leaner, more effective processes with greater visibility.

Desktop Automation

Desktop Automation

Banks and financial firms can supercharge productivity and customer satisfaction in the contact center with attended automation. These bots function as high-impact digital assistants that work in tandem with their human counterparts to help them complete tasks more effectively. RDA can help deliver a high-quality customer experience by being able to quickly pull up and collate caller data, thus improving first-call resolution rates and minimizing average call handling time.

How Emerging Technology Is Transforming Banking and Finance

Personalize Customer Experiences

Eliminate data silos and create a 360 view of each customer to deliver seamless, personalized experiences and build better customer relationships to stay relevant and competitive.

Fight Financial

In the face of increased AML and KYC regulatory scrutiny, organizations can apply automation and AI to combat fraud and improve transaction monitoring and investigation.

Increase Resource

Augment your employees with a digital workforce to reduce burnout and enable increased capacity to manage peak processing volumes.

Boost Operational

Automate rote, high-volume, cross-system processes where speed, accuracy, and capacity matter most to drive greater overall operational effectiveness.