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Efficient Payroll Automation in Manufacturing

Overview Of The Company

The Shared Services division of a leading manufacturing company is responsible for distributing wages and salaries across multiple plants and locations, both domestically and internationally. Payroll processing and generation are managed through UltiPro, a web-based service. However, the existing manual process poses challenges with time-consuming tasks such as uploading time files, generating reports, and managing multiple pay groups. To address these issues and enhance efficiency, the Accelirate team introduced two automation solutions: Payroll Automation and Transactional Queue Automation. These innovative solutions significantly streamlined payroll tasks and improved overall operational efficiency.


The manual payroll processing system faced by the Shared Services division presents several challenges:
  • Time-consuming tasks, including uploading time files from Kronos and generating reports.
  • Repetitive efforts on each pay date due to the lack of automated payroll solutions.
  • Managing multiple pay groups leads to additional complexity.
  • Potential errors and delays in the payroll process impact the timely distribution of wages and salaries.


To overcome the challenges and enhance the efficiency of payroll operations, the Accelirate team devised two automation solutions:

Payroll Automation

  • This solution featured intelligent bots integrated with the company’s systems to automate various payroll tasks.
  • Bots efficiently scanned designated email addresses to retrieve relevant messages.
  • Incoming emails were processed, and their contents were added to a jobs queue, initiating payroll tasks.
  • The Payroll Bot commenced the payroll process, interacting with UltiPro to upload time input files and generate comprehensive payroll reports for each pay group.
  • Automated checks identified exceptions during the payroll process and flagged them for resolution by the relevant business units.
  • The Payroll Bot intelligently managed the progress of the payroll, avoiding unnecessary restarts and optimizing the workflow.

Transactional Queue Automation

This solution facilitated the initialization and queue setup of payroll operations, preventing disruptions caused by duplicate payroll processing.
  • The payroll automation solution ensured that each pay group’s payroll was comprehensively processed before initiating the next pay group, minimizing delays and ensuring a continuous workflow.
  • The automated process repeated end-to-end for each pay group in the queue, seamlessly managing payroll operations until the queue was empty.


Efficient Payroll Automation in Manufacturing
The implementation of payroll automation and transactional queue automation yielded remarkable results for the manufacturing company’s Shared Services division:
  • 80% Reduction in Manual Labor: The intelligent bots and automated solutions significantly reduced manual effort, leading to an 80% reduction in manual labor associated with payroll processing.