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Business Process Re-engineering

Accelirate’s Business Process Services Re-engineering

Accelirate offers a wide range of proprietary tools and services that support every element of a process re-engineering journey. Our Emerging Technology Delivery Pods are able to dissect a process in it’s entirety, evaluate current KPIs, and determine a plan for optimizing and enhancing a process to meet the new and desired performance metrics. The organization will receive:

Business Transaction


PowerBI Transaction


PowerBI Opportunity


These elements will help the business visualize the “as-is” state of their process and the “can-be” state of the process that will take effect when the calculated changes are made. Process Re-engineering is changing the way businesses operate. It can help to optimize basic manual processes, and even further help highlight areas where automation solutions such as document processing, RPA, Machine Learning, and other emerging technologies could help optimize the process further.

Process Re-Engineering Methodology

What is Business Process Re-engineering?

Process re-engineering is the journey of redesigning core business processes and transactions to achieve improvements in KPIs.

As time passes for companies, employees, and business operations, changes need to be made to update and optimize processes. Whether it’s new technologies, updates to lean practices and six-sigma strategies, or simply a desire to produce better results, process re-engineering can help put a microscope to a process and determine plans for enhancement. Process re-engineering aims at cutting down enterprise costs and eliminating redundancies on an enterprise scale.

What is Business Process Re-engineering?

Increase Employee Capacity

Decrease Average Cycle Time

Enhance Employee Experience

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Reduce Operational Costs

Eliminate Processing Errors