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About Accelirate

Accelirate is a market leader in delivering Digital Process Automation Solutions to organizations. Utilizing a global workforce of poly skilled Engineers and Architects, Accelirate is able to efficiently deliver automated business solutions. We hypercharge our customers’ Digital Transformation programs by cohesively blending next generation technologies such as RPA, Intelligent Document Processing, low/no-code Integration Platforms, AI, Process Mining, Data Integration, and other emerging technology platforms, enabling organizations to see rapid business transformation. Coupled with a pragmatic and efficient Process Discovery practice as well as a post-deployment Managed Services support model, Accelirate is uniquely positioned to service Digital Transformation programs from inception through to implementation, management, and scaling of programs.

Emerging Technology Global Delivery Pods

Partnering with the latest Emerging Technology Companies, we have expert delivery teams equipped to enhance organizations in any industry with automation, data analytics, system of record integration, process mining, managed services and more. As the world becomes more digital and the competitive landscape heightens enterprises need all-around end-to-end business technology solutions to reduce costs, increase margins, and maintain customers and employees.

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