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Automation Monitoring, Support and
Maintenance Managed Service

SLA Based Monitoring and Maintenance
of Automations in Production 

Automation Monitoring

Need for all or some automations to be actively monitored to ensure successful completion. Examples: Time Sensitive automations, High financial impact automations, or bots that must follow regulatory requirements.
Automation Monitoring

Code Changes

Need for business logic changes, bug fixes, code improvement, code standardization, or constant selector changes. Examples: Website/application interfaces change often, code was built incorrectly, new features to add to automations.
Code Changes
Incidents Failures

Automation Incidents/Failures

Need for handling when automations fail, don’t start or get stuck in production. Examples: VM’s need to be restart for automation to be rerun, inputs are incorrect format, bot gets stuck often on websites/applications, or credentials need to be reset.
Platform Environment


Need for platform maintenance, upgrades, virtual machine/application monitoring and troubleshooting. Examples: RPA Platform is running on an older version, automations don’t start on time, or virtual machines/ applications cause issues with processing.

The Accelirate Managed Robotic Operations Center (ROC) is a maintenance and support program for organizations that have a established RPA program and are running process automations in production. Leveraging a global delivery model, our ROC is equipped to support and monitor automations 24×7. These Managed Services use a broad set of tools and utilities that allow the Accelirate team to accommodate automation programs of all sizes. These tools and utilities include, Automated Deployment Utilities, Automated Provisioning Scripts, and Alerting and Monitoring Dashboards, L1, L2, Platform Support, and Automation Enhancements.

Who is Accelirate ROC?

Support Engineers

Focused on RPA Support methodology, monitoring, incident management, data management, and communication with business users. These are your front-line support specialists who help identify problems before they happen and provide peace of mind to your users

Automation Engineers

RPA developers that are focused on process optimization, adding new features, code repairs, incident resolution and standardization. These are your robot surgeons who can dive deep into your automations for enhancements and repairs.

Infrastructure Engineers

Specialized in RPA infrastructure architecture design, troubleshooting, platform upgrades, and installation of new features. These engineers are important to supporting the foundation of your RPA program.
Roc Maps

Take the support workload off of development and leadership teams.

By switching to Accelirate Managed Services your organization can accelerate new solution creation by allowing developers to focus on new projects and implementations while ensuring older solutions are being utilized and improved upon.

Managed ROC Benefits


RPA Support can grow as your RPA program grows. We provide support models for programs of all sizes and maturity at a higher quality and lower cost.


Support hours, team size, and support services can be customized to meet needs

Capacity Driven

Allow developers to build new projects while ROC supports and maintains existing automations. Allow ROC to determine how much support is optimal for your program


Don’t worry about employee turnover. Automation knowledge is kept within the program and not with individuals

$5,500 Min.


Coordination with RPA Platform Vendor

  • Coverage
  • 16 Hours/Day 5 Days/Week
  • Agile Points (Incidents & Enhancements)
  • 120
  • Reporting
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly

*Automation Support and Monitoring

Enterprise Program


  • Coverage
  • Bespoke
  • Automations
  • Bespoke
  • Incidents (60 mins/incident)
  • Bespoke
  • Enhancements (8 hours/incident)
  • Bespoke

*Package is custom to client request

ROC Service Packages

  Basic Essentials Enterprise
Services and Features: Organizations looking for active monitoring of their production automations Organizations looking for automation enhancements, bug fixes, code changes and incident resolution Organizations looking for an all-inclusive support model to monitor, improve and maintain their production automations
Monitor active automations during execution, based on run schedule Tick Icon Cross Mark Tick Icon
2 Checks per day to ensure there are no unreported incidents while the processes where being monitored Tick Icon Cross Mark Tick Icon
Ad-hoc Bot execution when requested Tick Icon Cross Mark Tick Icon
Identify potential automation failure Tick Icon Cross Mark Tick Icon
Identify improvement areas for unstable automations Tick Icon Cross Mark Tick Icon
Perform root cause analysis on raised automaton incidents and failures Cross Mark Tick Icon Tick Icon
Resolve active automation incidents and failures Cross Mark Tick Icon Tick Icon
Track Incidents in incident management system Cross Mark Tick Icon Tick Icon
Coordinate with Platform vendor for issues related with the RPA Platform Cross Mark Tick Icon Tick Icon
Assess and categorize enhancement requests to determine scope of work Cross Mark Tick Icon Tick Icon
Analyze in-scope enhancements benefits Cross Mark Tick Icon Tick Icon
Add business requested features to automations Cross Mark Tick Icon Tick Icon
Develop and Test approved enhancements Cross Mark Tick Icon Tick Icon
Identify automations that require code changes Cross Mark Tick Icon Tick Icon
Incident Tracking Tick Icon Tick Icon Tick Icon
Enhancement Tracking Cross Mark Tick Icon Tick Icon
Build Automation KPI Dashboards Tick Icon Tick Icon Tick Icon
Automation Performance Tick Icon Tick Icon Tick Icon
Support Team SLA Performance Tick Icon Tick Icon Tick Icon
Support Capacity Tick Icon Tick Icon Tick Icon
Manage all environments for RPA Software including system/application administration, promotion of code/bundles, release management and configuration (including security configuration). Cross Mark Cross Mark Tick Icon
Update and maintain the RPA Software run book and support documentation as required from break/fix activities using the standard “Client” format and information requirements Cross Mark Cross Mark Tick Icon

Service Level Agreements

We provide Response and Resolution SLAs to make your priorities, our priorities. SLA’s hold your support team accountable and provide guidelines to follow so your RPA Support team and Business Priorities are on the same page.

Unmanaged RPA Support tickets lead to:

  • Increased Automation Downtime
  • Lower ROI
  • Issue Backlogs
  • Business Disruptions

Which leads to:

  • Lack of confidence in RPA Program
  • Unhappy Users
Work with Accelirate ROC and let us help boost confidence in your RPA program while addressing the most important aspects of your production automations.
*Response and Resolution SLA’s are based on Priority Levels. SLA’s to be provided upon receipt of ROC package quote.

Managed Support SLAs



Response SLA

Resolution SLA (No Code Change Required)

Code Change Required


Bot is Down and all business users are impacted

Critical business activities cannot be performed

30 Minutes 2 Hours 2 Business Day

A Large group of users are impacted

Major business processes impacted, workaround not possible or acceptable

1 Hour 4 Hour 2 Business Days
P-3 Medium

Defect: A small group of users impacted; Minor business processes impacted; workaround available

Minor Enhancement: A request for adding 1-2 new steps to align with new business process

2 Hour 16 Hour 4 Business Days
P-4 Low

Defect: Individual user issues; Minor business process impacted; workaround available

Minor Enhancement: A request for adding > 2 steps to align with revised business process

4 Hours 24 Hours >= 8 Business days

About the ROC

With ROC Monitoring and Support save time, money, and headache from:

  • Automation Errors and Issues
  • Downtime
  • Code Corrections and Changes
  • Business Process and Application Changes
  • Input and Output Issues
  • Dashboard and Reporting Struggles

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