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It’s time to streamline your insurance operations. From underwriting and onboarding to customer service to claims management, Emerging Technology Pods are transforming insurance companies to drive efficiency, agility, and productivity while creating better customer experiences.

Emerging Technologies can help solve for some of the most common challenges faced by insurers. Traditional challenges like legacy systems, data security, market disruption, and acquisition friction all create barriers to operational efficiency that can be hard to overcome. Accelirate’s E.T. Delivery Pods help your business implement the right digital technologies to maximize your operational efficiency, deliver a top-tier customer experience, and improve your profit margins.

Intelligent Document Processing

Our Intelligent Document Processing services enable end-to-end document processing automation for insurers, streamlining the manual claims process for greater efficiency. Compared to traditional standalone OCR solutions, IDP solutions use AI so that as the system receives larger volumes of data, it learns and improves and requires less manual intervention.

AI-Powered Chatbots

Utilizing AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), smart chatbots can communicate with your customers to answer frequently asked questions or coverage inquiries, and can even walk customers through a policy application or claims process, knowing when to escalate to a human agent for more complex cases.

Intelligent Automation

The data-rich underwriting process is often cumbersome and time-intensive, which can slow down client onboarding and frustrate customers. RPA enables a smooth and efficient underwriting process by quickly retrieving and collating all the relevant data needed to make faster, more informed decisions.

Process Mining

By transforming business process data into event logs, Process Mining can help your organization better understand what occurs within each step of a business process, and eliminate bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and wastage to unlock thousands of dollars of trapped value within your processes.

Desktop Automation

Insurers can supercharge productivity in the contact center with desktop automation. These desktop bots help deliver a high-quality customer experience by being able to quickly pull up and collate caller data, thus minimizing average call handling time and eliminating cumbersome post-call data updates.

Data Analytics

Transform insurance risk assessment with the power of data. Our advanced data analytics services utilize the power of big data and machine learning to create predictive analytical models, helping underwriters make data-based predictions about a customer’s risk profile with greater accuracy.

How Automation Pods Are Transforming Healthcare and Life Sciences

Improve claims handling

Eliminate processing delays, inaccuracies, and backlog; and easily maintain centralized records of all transactions.

Reduce friction in customer acquisition

Streamline new application intake and quote processing; validate submissions; and quickly compile a quote and send it to an agent or broker.

Enhance customer service

Offer an intuitive, seamless customer care experience that gives your agents improved ability to focus on callers.

Streamline underwriting

Reclaim the lost productivity hours spent on this cumbersome, time-intensive process and reduce operational losses.