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Automation Strategy Consulting

Accelirate’s Strategy Consulting Services

Accelirate’s Strategy Consultants are trained to collaborate with organizations on an end-to-end automation journey that begins with understanding business pain points and optimization motivators.

Accelirate’s team of experts can accelerate the automation journey by discovering and prioritizing opportunities that align with strategic business goals, assessing and evaluating automation ROIs, and implementing and deploying automations to realize and sustain the solution’s full potential value.

Our strategy consulting services are a proven way to visualize potential value and key targets for business process transformation using automation technologies.

How it's Work

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Function Analysis

Process architects start with a firm understanding of the structure of the enterprise as well as the primary motivators of the key stakeholders for all key focus areas, functional areas, and departments.

Role Analysis

Role Analysis Questionnaires are reviewed and interviews are conducted with Subject Matter Experts (SME) who best exemplify the key roles and transactions within each department.

An understanding of the “Day in the Life” of the SME as well as a list of the core tasks of that department is gained to finalize the full picture of the “as-is” process.

Task Analysis

Process Architects identify key workflows and transactions within departments, starting with the daily tasks that account for a majority of each SME’s daily workload.

These transactions are then grouped into potential candidates for emerging technology opportunity evaluation.

Opportunity Analysis

All candidates are assessed using a proprietary business analysis tool to determine the potential ROI as well their suitability for automation improvements.

Candidates with sufficient ROI and emerging technology suitability become opportunities that are added to an optimization/transfomration project pipeline.

Accelirate’s Strategy Consulting Deliverables

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Enterprise Business Process


Work and Task Analysis


Opportunity and ROI


What is Strategy Consulting for Emerging
Technology and Automation?

Strategy Consulting for automation is expert guidance through the continuous pursuit of seamless integration between people, processes, and technologies. Success in automation requires more than just great technology solutions; it requires a thought out strategy for where, how, and when to implement different kinds of solutions in various business and process areas.

Minimum Reduction in Operating Expenses

Double Organization's Data Accuracy

Elevate Employee Satisfaction

Minimum Increase in Workforce Capacity