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Less talk. More Automation!

Whether you are thinking about Automation or you have already started your Automation journey, Accelirate’s comprehensive Services around your RPA and SPA Automation Programs can significantly accelerate your Automation journey towards achieving your Business ROI goals.

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Featured Case Studies

Default Management: Automating Mortgage Breach Letters

AutomatingMortgageBreach Letters BACKGROUND: The client’s Default Management Function was broken into four separate business units: Pre-Foreclosure, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, and Loss...

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Predictive Modeling: A Marketing Solution

Predictive Modelingof Mortgage Refinancing. BACKGROUND: Every month the client considers a large group of people who have mortgages to potentially...

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A Solution to Default Reporting

CASE STUDY– Electronic Default Reporting (FNMA) Complexity: High Fannie Mae provides incentives to loan servicers to provide accurate reporting for...

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