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Citizen Development Training Services

Enable Citizen Developers through training and dedicated support

What is Citizen Development?

Citizen Development involves leveraging business employees with little to no coding experience to develop their own automated processes using a citizen developer platform such as UiPath StudioX or OpenBots Studio. As the subject matter experts for the processes training employees to build their own automations, digital transformation initiatives can scale three times as fast than automation developers. Automation COE Developers can prioritize end-to-end complex unattended automations while business users create their own simpler automations.

Citizen Development
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Accelirate Citizen Developer Enablement Services

Accelirate offers a Citizen Developer Training Program that allows a group of business users to train on citizen developer platforms in a guided and hands-on “university-like” course. The trainees will learn how to begin developing automations for their organizational units’ tedious and repetitive processes to save their team time and money. The training involves completing a basic training seminar to build a foundation for the citizen developer candidates. The candidate will then start building their own proposed automation and a development expert will assist them during development sessions to provide guidance and personalized coaching.

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Why Leverage Citizen Development Training?

Process Analyst

Enable all Employees have access to Automation

RPA Engineer

IT/Developers have more time for complex automation projects

RPA Lead

Increase Employee Productivity and Well-Being

L1 Support Engineer

Save Company Time and Money

L2 Support Engineer

Employees Personal Automation can Benefit a Whole Department