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Automation and AI are playing an increasingly important role in legal departments and law firms throughout the world. With major organizations making investments into digital transformation and automation teams within their operations, there are no shortage of use cases for these technologies within the legal field. With the help of RPA and smart technologies streamlining rote functions like paperwork, database lookups, and legal research, your legal teams can focus on what matters most: providing top-quality legal advice and advocacy for their clients.

Oil, Gas, and Energy organizations are leveraging automation throughout both front line and back office operations. The scope of streamlining these processes goes beyond just eliminating paperwork or reducing the error margin for well drillings. By automating and unifying operational systems and procedures across the organization, Emerging Technology Pods can deliver high-impact solutions for major energy operations.

Here’s an overview of how Accelirate’s E.T. pods can solve for common challenges faced by oil, gas, and energy companies.

Intelligent Document

Intelligent Document Processing

Our Intelligent Document Processing services enable end-to-end document processing automation for legal teams, making it easy to extract relevant textual data from contracts and other documents. Compared to standalone OCR solutions, IDP solutions use AI so that as the system receives larger volumes of data, it learns and improves and requires less manual intervention.

API-based Systems

API Integration and Workflow Automation

Achieve greater workflow efficiency by seamlessly integrating third party legal research data. Accelirate’s IPaaS services enable law firms to pull third party content directly into their own data environment and internal workflows, rather than forcing lawyers and legal staff to log in to various websites and databases to find the specific content they need.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

RPA bots can take on tedious tasks like database lookups, keyword lookups on clearance websites, and report generation while streamlining processes like legal research and contract management. Our RPA services enable legal teams to be more productive and maintain client trust without burdening your legal professionals with a greater workload.

Emerging Technology Use Cases for Law and Legal Firms

Function Analysis


Relieve attorneys and law clerks of monotonous, burdensome tasks so they are able to dedicate their critical skills to more complex legal activities.

Role Analysis

Reduce Processing

Reduce execution time for tedious tasks within the e-filing process including pulling data, submitting documents to e-file portals, recording case numbers, and tracking ongoing correspondence.

Task Analysis

Improve Speed, Research & Decision-Making

Help teams work smarter by augmenting their human judgment with advanced insights to drive faster and more informed decisions.

Opportunity Analysis


Automate due diligence checks and suspicious activity reporting to pull out potential risks and simplify routine compliance checks.