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Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Cloud based Data platforms enable businesses to rapidly develop and deploy a fully managed solution for Data Analysis, Data Sharing and Data Warehousing. Utilizing these platforms allows organizations to focus on Data Analysis without having to worry about onerous infrastructure, ETL and data silos.

Using the top Emerging Technology Data Tools, such as Snowflake, Accelirate offers organizations services on data platforms with unique architectures that enables users to create tables and query data with very little administration or DBA activities needed. This Data Analytic Solution combines high performance, high concurrency, simplicity, and affordability at levels not possible with other data warehouses or automation service firms.

Benefits of a Data Analytics Digital Business Solution

Instant and
Unlimited Scalability

MThe Data Analytics architecture uses a single elastic performance engine that delivers high speed and scalability. It supports as many concurrent users and workloads as necessary, from interactive to batch.

Automation Made Easy

Data Analytics Services enable enterprises to automate data management, security, governance, availability, and data resiliency. This drives scalability, optimizes costs, reduces downtime, and helps improve operational efficiency.

Secure Data Sharing

Our solution eliminates ETL and data silos with seamless cross-cloud and cross-region connections for data sharing. Anyone who needs access to shared, secure data, can get a single copy via the data cloud, with the confidence that governance and compliance policies are in place.

Third Party Data Integrations

Our Data Tool Marketplace offers third-party data and lets you connect with other customers to extend workflows with data services and third-party applications.