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Platform Migration

Connect Legacy Systems 5x Faster with APIs

Do your legacy systems feel like the anchors holding your business back from developing to their full potential? It’s time to capture the sea towards a brighter future with iPaaS.

Why Legacy Modernization is Important?

Challenges with Legacy System Modernisation

Systems Inertia

Upgrading of the legacy systems can be met with resistance from employees comfortable with status quo.

Data Integrity Issues

Ensuring the data accuracy from legacy to the new iPaaS system could be a concern.

Downtime Risks

Protentional disruptions and downtime might have an impact on the operations and revenue.

Lack of Support from Current System

Onboarding skilled personnel to support the legacy systems can be a potential challenge as the younger generation of IT professionals are more familiarised with new technologies.


Making changes to the legacy systems can be expensive and time consuming. It could also have an impact on the ongoing process which are up and running.

Accelirate’s Approach

Expert Guidance

Our skilled migration specialist is the key to navigating the complexities of movement from legacy to modern platforms.

Data Assurance

Our team has leading tools to ensure that the data remains secure and unaltered throughout.

Streamlined Process

Our Migration strategies are custom designed to reduce the downtime and optimize productivity.

Change Management

We Provide extensive change management plans to address employees concerns and encourage them in adoption to new processes.

Incremental solutions

We prioritize functionalities and modules required at early stages of migrations.

Recovery plans

We develop recovery plans to mitigate the risk of data loss or system failure during migration.

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These solutions would include phased migrations and blue-green deployments with load balancing traffic to reduce the downtime.

API migration is necessary to update outdates technologies and improve performance or add new features to the API Management platforms.

Issues or challenges that we might encounter can include backward compatibility, handling user disruptions and ensuring security along with maintaining uptime.

Ensuring the authentication and authorization mechanisms for the migrated API’s also conducting the necessary security testing.

The best practices could include:

Testing functionalities along with security trial.

Back-up and rollback plans.

Monitoring the ongoing process.

Through versioning of the API.