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Hospitality Industry Solutions

In today’s business landscape, hospitality organizations are expected to keep their back-end processes operating smoothly, enhance productivity, and constantly be exploring new revenue streams to improve profitability – all while providing their customers and partners with a seamless digital experience.

Whether the hospitality organization is a global hotel chain, an international cruise line, or a small to medium sized travel agency, many of the common challenges faced by these businesses can be solved through the use of Emerging Technologies.

By optimizing key back-office activities like processing orders, tracking payments, digitizing paperwork, and managing data, Accelirate’s E.T. Delivery Pods enable hospitality providers to remain competitive in the digital business landscape while delivering customers more engaging, personalized experiences.
API-based Systems

API-Based System Integrations

Integrate your data systems with third-party networks and applications like telemedicine apps, patient portals, and claim management platforms to drive greater business agility while keeping the exchange of sensitive data secure.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics Solutions

Centralize all your data in one secure location and unlock deeper insights with analytics that help improve patient outcomes, deliver quality member experiences, and streamline operational inefficiencies.

Desktop Automation

Back-Office Automation

Employees spend millions of hours each year on repetitive, manual tasks. RPA relieves your workers of these tasks like billing, claims management, and recording audit procedures; allowing employees to focus on higher-value work and patient care.

Intelligent Process

Solution Discovery

Identify and prioritize business areas with high-value opportunities for process optimization, and build a robust pipeline of future automation projects that deliver long term value.

Intelligent Document

Intelligent Document Processing

Contending with mountains of electronic and paper documents, healthcare teams need to process these forms quickly and accurately. Our IDP Delivery Pods enable end-to-end document processing automation for structured and semi-structured document formats.

Process Mining

Process Mining

Leverage real-time data and records from your EHR/EMR systems to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies and waste within your business processes.

Emerging Technology Use Cases for Hospitality

Reservation and Order

Orders held up in processing, errors in quantities or guest stay dates, and notifications for upcoming special requests/V.I.P. guests and events can all be solved with automation and document processing solutions.

Unpaid Invoices and Outstanding Guest Charges

Process mining can evaluate hundreds of thousand records simultaneously and quickly. Get a data-driven look at major processes to determine outliers and where lost revenue can be found.