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Largest Emerging Technology Delivery Company in the U.S.

Life at Accelirate

Largest Emerging Technology Delivery Company in the U.S.

Catering to a myriad of automation & technological proclivities, Accelirate and the culture cultivated are amazing environments for automation enthusiasts of all levels.

— Brennis Pierce, Automation Engineer —

At Accelirate we have an emphasis on hiring and developing the best talent for the role. We
have an amazing People Team and our Chief HR Officers’ focus is professional development
and talent engagement which makes this a fun and collaborative work culture. With programs
such as:

CEO for the Week

An opportunity for all employees to sit in the big office and contribute towards operation-related topics.

Accelirate Training Program

Regardless of previous experience employees undergo a wide range of relevant training courses, earn certifications, and have access to continued education

Leadership Workshops

Training and guidance workshops for leaders in the making and coaching refreshers for active leaders within the company

The best part of working at Accelirate are the people I work with! Whether working remotely or in person, we strive to be a collaborative team and support each other on projects. We have an open door policy, so we encourage everyone to bring their ideas to the table as we’re always looking to strengthen our team and our practices.

— Anita Kapur, Business Analyst —

Accelirate is enriched by its dynamic, multicultural atmosphere. At Accelirate, members are expected to be problem solvers and their voices are genuinely heard.

Combined with an “Open-Door Policy” – everyone in the enterprise has access to everyone else. Accelirate professionals are given the resources and autonomy they need to make a lasting impact and groups are encouraged to innovate and make projects their own as long as they offer a compelling, data-driven case.

Leaders at all levels strive to be inclusive and hide nothing from their teams. Working at Accelirate is not just another job, it’s a career shift that encourages employees to focus on their dream role while we take care of everything else; At Accelirate, employees come first.

Our culture at Accelirate is collaborative, empowering and exciting. There is a lot of opportunity for career and personal growth, as well as a lot of new and exciting challenges and technologies for us to learn for the future.

— Kyle Wilson, ROC Director —