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Automation Developer Enablement

Enable in-house developers using Accelirate’s rigorous Training and Coaching program

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Accelirate Developer Enablement Services

Accelirate offers an array of RPA and Automation Developer training services. Organizations are able to select the desired automation platform for their developers, and Accelirate provides the training materials and coached lessons. All Accelirate RPA service customers are provided with the base “RPA Methodology & Best Practices” training package and have the option to upgrade to premium training. Accelirate also offers training services for organizations that are not current clients through our premium developer enablement packages.

Base Automation Developer Enablement Package

RPA Methodology & Best Practices

4-6 Week Course

4-6 Week Course

10 hoursweek

10 hours/week


Provided Learning Materials

Guided Lessons

Guided Lessons and Projects

One-on-One Sessions

One-on-One Sessions

Intro to RPA

Intro to RPA and Orchestrator


Automation Code Review

Development Guide

Development Guide

Premium & Advanced Automation
Developer Enablement Packages



  • Selecting Process for Automation
  • Project Organization
  • PDD and SDD Creation
  • Email and Excel Automations
  • How to Use UiPath Studio
  • Guided UiPath Academy Course
  • Robotic Enterprise


  • 2 Small to Medium Process Included
  • Co-Design Sessions
  • Design Reviews
  • Code Reviews
  • Development Guidance
  • Deployment Guidance
  • Deliverable Reviews
  • Feedback/Advice for Future Projects

Why train Internal Staff?

Developer enablement is an expert training program for automation developers. Whether an organization’s automation developers are new to automation and looking to start an automation program, or resources are being reorganized to advance a mature automation program in-house, expert-led and custom automation training provides developers the tools and lessons they need to leverage best practice automation techniques.

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