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Salesforce Health Cloud

Integrate with EHRs via botConnector, convert Fax based Referrals directly into Salesforce, deliver HIPPA Compliant Healthcare forms

Reimagine patient, member, provider, and customer engagement
with a 360-degree view of each

How can you create more personalized experiences, build relationships, and empower patients, members, employees, and partners with the right information at the right time?

It takes a combination of industry expertise and technology — starting with a platform proven to provide access to shareable data, visibility into the entire healthcare journey, and meaningful insights at every touchpoint. Accelirate has this deep industry and platform expertise in deploying Health Cloud for Health and Life Science Companies.

Here is how Accelirate Engages with Customers on their Salesforce Journey

Coordinate Post Acute Care

Coordinate post-acute care

This feature is used to integrate information into a single view of each patient. As it adds data, Health collects information, analyzes clinical and preclinical information (diagnoses and demographics) and identifies risk factors so clinicians can focus on the patients who need it most.

Scale Member Care Management

Scale member care management

Health Cloud is designed to help you scale your healthcare management programs. By more effectively delivering medicines to patients through pre-authorization, registration, and follow-up, teams can reduce operating costs by giving patients the best opportunity to achieve positive health outcomes

Personalize Contact Center Experiences

Personalize contact center experiences

With individual case management from any hotspot (mobile, landline, or internet), companies can categorize and personalize patient needs. Self-service capabilities are enabled with HIPAA-compliant mobile apps built on the Salesforce platform. Everything from making an appointment to connecting patients to the right doctor happens from a single console.



True patient engagement demands timely, relevant communications and insights across all devices. Health Cloud makes it easier to include care coordinators, service agents, and caregivers in personalized healthcare journeys. By connecting EHR data, treatment plans, and patient preferences, providers can drive better outcomes.



Whether it’s clinical trial enrollment or therapy-specific services, Salesforce Health Cloud can help you streamline processes, drive innovation, reduce complexity, and see greater results from patient support programs.

Medical Devices

Medical Devices

As a unified digital platform, Health Cloud takes the guesswork out of managing commercial processes, building and maintaining relationships with providers, and engaging with patients on a more personal, compliant, and effective level.

Use Case Large Healthcare System

Large Healthcare
roblematic Legacy

Problematic Legacy Applications

  • Siloed teams and divisions with no visibility across the organization
  • Comprehensive reporting (referring physicians and patient engagement) is not possible and is often delayed up to several months
Infrastructure Models

Unable to prioritize resources due to late and/or no actionable information

  • 5x higher than average cost to acquire new Providers and Patients

Accelirate Built a Premier Customer Experience with Health Cloud



Health Cloud & Referral Managment

  • Providers, Patients, Referrals and Payers management – rapidly identifies & surfaces key performance metrics
  • Master repository of Clinical Staff across all hospital system locations


Connected Service

Marketing Cloud

  • Set up core journeys in Marketing Cloud for targeted campaigns
  • Leveraged historical patient transaction history to drive digital patient engagement


  • Health Cloud provided the ability to scale communications and referral management across the various system units
  • Hospitals system was able to engage with patients and caregivers across various hospital system locations using Analytical Data

Why Partner with Accelirate on your
Sales, Service or Health Cloud journey?

Health Cloud Journey

As a Salesforce Certified Development Partner, Accelirate helps healthcare organizations understand and implement Health Cloud and related technologies. In addition, we integrate Salesforce Health Cloud with other third-party platforms like Marketing Cloud, EHR, etc. Salesforce Health Cloud implementation will help you effectively manage patient risks, easily segment patient groups for effective coverage, and successfully convert potential patients.