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Salesforce automation for Ophthalmic medical device company



An ophthalmic medical device company faced challenges keeping its sales and service team in sync with procedural statuses as their Salesforce environment was disconnected from their ERP, resulting in delays and poor customer experiences. The company manufactures aperture lenses designed to help patients achieve their best personal vision, and the ability to deliver a top-quality product repeatedly meant integrating systems and providing real-time visibility to everyone involved in the process. Accelirate leveraged its unique expertise as Salesforce and an RPA expert to deliver this real-time connectivity.


1. Lack of Real-time Information
Lens implantation is a sophisticated surgical procedure requiring precision of process and product. The lack of visibility in the status of these lenses was a major hurdle since Salesforce lacked real-time shipment status and product location information. This presented an issue for the distribution center, customer service and the sales teams, as they heavily depend on this data to make crucial decisions. Without immediate access to live updates, efficiently overseeing the shipment process became quite challenging.
2. Data Integration between ERP and Salesforce
Shipment statuses were posted live by the carriers to the ERP; however, Sales and Customer Service reps needed this information from Salesforce. Manually keeping these two systems in synch was not only time-consuming but could also be a complex task. Any errors during this manual data transfer process can introduce inaccuracies in shipment tracking.
3. Inventory Management
Every order placed provided two lenses, although the second one was often surplus and subsequently returned. The intricate task lies in efficiently managing this dual-lens inventory. Maintaining precision in ensuring that the correct product information is consistently available across the two systems posed a notable logistical challenge that required meticulous attention.


1. Real-Time Insights
salesforce automation for Ophthalmic medical device company.
Since the data was moved into Salesforce Health Cloud, the medical and sales teams had instant shipment status updates. This ensured that distribution and sales teams had timely data at their fingertips, enabling swift decision-making and a smoother shipment process.
2. Data: Integrated and streamlined
Data integration between ERP and Salesforce reduced errors in this critical step and guaranteed accurate shipment tracking, making the entire process efficient and reliable.
3. Better Inventory Management
Employing intelligent inventory management that automatically synchronized product information in both systems ensured precision and effortlessly eliminated the hassle of managing two sets of data and streamlining inventory management


1. Enhanced Operational

Real-time insights provided distribution and sales teams instant access to shipment status updates.

02. Streamlined Data

Integration tools simplified the data transfer process between ERP and Salesforce.

03. Positive Impact on

Salesforce Integration resulted in revenue gains due to streamlined operations and better efficiency.