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Streamlining Digital Diabetes Care Management Business with Salesforce Health Cloud


The presence of multiple EMR systems often poses a significant challenge, hindering care coordination and causing delays in accessing patient information. To address this issue, a Diabetes Care Management organization sought a solution to consolidate measures from various EMR systems into a centralized platform, enabling real-time data retrieval for the care management team. Salesforce Health Cloud emerged as the sole source of the platform to streamline patient data management and enhance care delivery.


The primary challenges before the implementation of Salesforce health cloud were as follows:
  • Collate measures, such as glucose levels, provider notes, and other healthcare data from multiple EMR systems.
  • Store the consolidated data in the patient record within Health Cloud.
  • Enable real-time access to comprehensive patient information for the care management team.
  • Improve care coordination and decision-making through centralized access and availability.


Data Mapping and Transformation

  • Identified the specific measures and data elements required from each EMR system, including glucose levels, provider notes, and other healthcare data (e.g. charts etc.).
  • Defined a standardized data schema and mapping strategy to ensure consistency and compatibility across systems.
  • Implemented data transformation processes to convert and harmonize data from different formats and structures into a unified format suitable for Salesforce Health Cloud.

Integration and Data Exchange

  • Established secure connections between Salesforce Health Cloud and the respective EMR systems using RPA (Robotic Process Automation).
  • Implemented bi-directional data exchange capabilities to enable real-time updates and retrieval of patient information.
  • Configured data synchronization mechanisms to ensure data integrity and minimize data latency.

User Training and Adoption

  • Conducted comprehensive training sessions for the care management team on utilizing Salesforce Health Cloud for accessing and utilizing the consolidated patient data.
  • Provided ongoing support and assistance to address any user queries or challenges during the transition phase.
  • Encouraged user adoption by highlighting the benefits of real-time access to comprehensive patient information and improved care coordination.

Results and Benefits

  • Better patient outcomes. The ability to see more patients in the same amount of time resulted in faster access to healthcare for those in need of immediate assistance.
  • The Diabetes Care Management organization experienced a 3-4x increase in patient volume within the same time limit, enabling them to scale their business effectively.
  • The Salesforce Health Cloud integration brought several notable benefits for the healthcare organization, including centralized patient data from multiple EMR systems, real-time data retrieval for prompt decision-making, enhanced care coordination among healthcare providers, and improved decision-making capabilities with comprehensive patient information.