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Customised Connector Developments

Build Customized Connectors for Various Data Sources from your Integrations

Leverage Accelirate’s team of developers to craft highly optimized, user-friendly customized connectors tailored precisely to your unique use case.

Build Custom Connectors, Plugins for different Integration Platforms & API Gateways

We develop optimized and highly flexible connectors/plugins which can be deployed to your integration platform and is readily available to connect to any third-party system or APIs.

Extend the functionality of Platforms & Gateways to connect with different Applications

We help you extend the functionalities of the existing connectors to enable you in designing and implementing out-of-box solutions for your customized requirements.

Make APIs more Accessible & User-Friendly

We can give integration developers an extra edge so that they do not have to worry about any long codes for configuration. They just need to drag and drop the connectors and just fill up the dialogues to get the work done.

Our Offerings

Customized Logging

A default logger component is not always sufficient to log all the required information for any application. In such cases, we make use of Connector development SDKs which gives the flexibility to develop the required “Custom Logging Connector” that can be easily published to your integration platform as a reusable asset and you can simply drag and drop this connector, complete the required configuration dialogue and you are good to go to use this wherever the detailed logs are required.

Connector for your Application

We can design a customized connector through SDKs where we would have simple drag-and-drop icons for each of the operations defined in your existing application. You can also define the required connectivity parameters including security such as OAuth and basic Auth etc., accepted MIME type and other configurations at one place. This connector can also be published in the public domain so that external applications are able to use it with all the required security measures.

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Yes, in these connectors we can define the configurations based on functionality.

Yes, the major advantage of these connectors is to promote reusability so that you can make use of them whenever you need to integrate with that particular system.

These connectors are published in the API library of your platform, as for example, in the case of Mulesoft, it would be present on the Anypoint exchange.

Custom connectors can be deployed to MuleSoft applications just like any other MuleSoft connector. Developers can package their custom connector as a JAR file and then deploy it to a MuleSoft Runtime environment.

There are two types of connectors:

1. Endpoint-based connectors.

2. Operation-based connectors.