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API Monitoring, Support and
Maintenance Managed Service

SLA Based Monitoring and Maintenance
of APIs in Production

The Accelirate Integration Support is a maintenance & support program for organizations that have an established API managment programs and are running APIs in production. Leveraging a global delivery model, our team is equipped to support and monitor APIs 24×7. Our integrated monitoring services offers Developers, Architects, and DevOps teams to have precise insights into APIs, integrations, and runtime services. These tools and utilities include, APIs Deployment Utilities, Automated Provisioning Scripts, and Alerting and Monitoring Dashboards, L1, L2, Platform Support, and API Enhancements.


Automated Insights

Gain automatic insights into APIs, integrations, and dependencies, keeping you ahead of the game.

Comprehensive Metrics

Access over 40 metrics via built-in dashboards, spanning inbound requests, outbound calls, dependencies, performance, failures, JVM, and infrastructure.

Custom Alerts

Create alerts to receive red alerts for critical issues and yellow alerts as applications near infrastructure capacity, enabling proactive issue management.

Struggling with API glitches or sluggish performance in vital APIs?

Our expert team is ready to assist when you need it most, we’ve got you covered for all your API-related challenges.

Issues We Tackle

Our Key Offerings

Who make Accelirate’s Integration Support Services
better than the competition?

Front-Line Expert Support Engineers

Our support engineers specialize in Proactive Monitoring, incident management, API platform management and maintenance, and effective communication with business users. Count on them to anticipate issues and ensure user satisfaction. Your peace of mind is their priority.

Certified API Specialists

Our certified developers excel in API Optimization, New Feature Integration, Code Repairs, Incident Resolution and Code Standardization. Consider them your API experts, capable of performing intricate enhancements and repairs to ensure peak performance.

Integration Experts

Our certified experts specialize in Integration Architecture Design, Troubleshooting, Platform Upgrades, and New Feature Installations. They play a crucial role in supporting the foundation of any integration, ensuring its successful development and maintenance.

Benefits of Our Integration Support Services


Our support hours, team size, and services are fully customizable to align perfectly with your unique requirements.

Sustainable Knowledge

Rest assured you won’t be affected by employee turnover. API knowledge is retained within the program, ensuring continuity and eliminating reliance on individual expertise.


We construct robust API integration platforms that seamlessly adapt as your company expands and your software landscape grows more intricate.

Capacity Driven

Empower your developers to embark on new projects while ROC provides steadfast support and maintenance for existing automations. ROC is adept at determining the optimal level of support for your program.

Service Packages

  Gold Platinum Titanium
Services and Features: Organizations looking for active monitoring of their production automations. Organizations looking for automation enhancements, bug fixes, code changes and incident resolution. Organizations looking for an all-inclusive support model to monitor, improve and maintain their production automations.
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High Availability Cross Mark Tick Icon Tick Icon
Log Management and Search Cross Mark Cross Mark Tick Icon
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External identity provider integration Cross Mark Tick Icon Tick Icon
Flexible hybrid deployment Cross Mark Tick Icon Tick Icon
Global multi-cloud deployment Cross Mark Tick Icon Tick Icon
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Visual Dependency Mapping Cross Mark Cross Mark Tick Icon
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About Integration Support Services

With our Integration Support Services, you can save time, money, and the hassle associated with: