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Case Study on Supply Chain Management
Utilization of RPA

Case Study on Supply Chain Management Utilization of RPA


Supply Chain Management (SCM) plays a crucial role in every sector, and its significance is particularly pronounced in the Food Industry. The SCM team closely monitors the currently available inventory and continually reminds the suppliers about upcoming purchase orders. They must make various calculations, such as determining the number of items to be ordered and when to make those orders. This case study on supply chain management talks about how RPA automated its challenges.





RPA BOT is set up to trigger every week to process the current inventory data. 
To begin with, RPA is retrieving inventory data from multiple applications. Then, RPA generates the report after consolidating inventory information. The report is analyzed for the items that are below the threshold and require attention to be drawn. And for those critical items that may be out of stock before the next purchase order, Vendors are getting notified. The ordering trends for upcoming holidays, festivals, and other local events are determined by AI, which has an impact on the ordering patterns. Based on this, new purchase orders are adjusted accordingly.


Case Study on Supply Chain Management Utilization of RPA


AI determines the quantity of items for new purchase orders, while RPA assists in creating them from the specific systems. Every Vendor is receiving notifications about critical items that need attention as they may soon run out of stock.