October 18, 2022

How to Optimize Enterprise Bot Utilization

To scale RPA programs can become a bit hectic. Monitoring and ensuring that they run efficiently when workflow increases and the number of bots needed in production grows, leaves opportunities for optimization to be overlooked.

For someone not trained in what to look for in an operating RPA Program, managing licenses and their respective expenses can also be a challenge. Since you can only run one bot per license at a time, the number of licenses, and therefore the cost of running the bots, increases. In order to meet this challenge, you must figure out how to ensure that there are no bot collisions (two bots running parallel to each other) or neither bot will be able to accomplish their tasks.

We have found that the best remedy for this problem is to tackle these challenges head on in order to more effectively manage resources through optimization, find the ways to optimize bots more effectively in this whitepaper.