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Simplify RPA Services and Development with ChatGPT

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  • December 15, 2023
Since its release last year, ChatGPT has proven to be an essential tool. It aids users in tasks from basic arithmetic to complex text generation. This article focuses on how ChatGPT can support RPA services and developers in their daily activities. RPA development and RPA automation involve automating repetitive tasks in various sectors. While ChatGPT can be applied in RPA services, it also benefits RPA developers.

Process Understanding

One of the most essential parts of the discovery and design phase of RPA development, process understanding involves grasping the intricacies of the process intended for automation. Typically, SME calls initiate this phase, where the procedure is explained and questions from BAs are addressed. ChatGPT can aid by generating questions and simplifying complex processes. However, RPA developers and BAs must review and validate ChatGPT’s outputs before incorporating them into the design flow.

Code Snippets

In addition to text summarization, ChatGPT can generate and validate Code Snippets for utilization in RPA services.
Widely employed in RPA services and development, VB (Visual Basic) and C# are high-level, object-oriented programming languages. VB is not changing much in the future, and C# is very mature, so even though the base version of ChatGPT only knows through September 2021, it can still be very accurate about RPA services and tasks related to development. A developer seeking guidance on implementing a daunting task in VB or C# can look to ChatGPT for some initial logical insight. It is also essential to note that while ChatGPT can generate code and assist with small sections, the developer must thoroughly test and modify the code to suit their needs.

Code Optimization

In development, it is often not an incorrect statement to say there are many different solutions. Rarely there’s only one way to accomplish a task, and each developer has their style and methods for coming up with the most efficient and best-suited solutions.
ChatGPT can assist in these cases, generating potential solutions with open-ended prompts when developers face challenges. This can save time and resources, allowing a single developer to come up with multiple feasible solutions, thereby creating an opportunity for the developer to produce better quality work in a comparable amount of time.

Documentation Creation

Finally, ChatGPT can significantly help when it comes to documentation. ChatGPT can help any developer create easy documentation for people who may interact with it, such as an SME, a BA, or another developer. ChatGPT can both proofread and generate text in a more accessible manner, using natural language understanding and generative capabilities. The RPA developer would need to complete the task of creating and proofreading documentation for clarity, which takes more time. ChatGPT streamlines this process and ensures that the documentation is straightforward and user-friendly. This, in turn, makes it easier for the developer to share their knowledge of the process at hand. In a way that everyone can understand, enhancing the efficiency of the documenting process.


ChatGPT works with RPA services that developers can utilize at various stages of process development. It will likely contribute to a more efficient and improved overall process in the coming years. Whether it’s with documentation, best practices, code generation, or logic, ChatGPT can help developers reach even higher than their current potential. It also helps them grow into a more robust developer.