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To be or not to be!

A short and fun guide for developers on becoming consultants by Shahzad Khokhar

Shahzad Khokhar

As you may know, Accelirate is a consulting company, but do you know, what does it means to be a developer in a consulting company? Do we just write code? Are we just developers? Do we just sit tight until a project manager, or a business analyst hands us a requirements document, and then we start executing commands? Or do we take

the time to understand our client’s business? Do we take the time to understand their specific requirement and the unique business need driving the ask? Is it worth our time to understand how our customers make money? So, what does it mean to be a consultant if all you do is write code. “Why should I care, I am a developer. I drink coffee (or tea) and I write code!” Yeah, and the like.

Let’s try an analogy. The line separating between a developer and a consultant is the same as a three-star and a five-star hotel concierge. A three-star set up will also provide you with a comfortable stay, but most of your travel experience is left for you to “create”. At a five-star facility, however, the staff know in the sense that they put in the effort to know & keep up with your personal preferences. They know your likes and dislikes, your favorite cuisines, the way you make your coffee, and more! In other words, they make your trip memorable! And this is exactly what a good consultant does!

While developers solve technical problems, Consultants solve business problems. They take the time to understand how they can create & “value” for their customers. They make themselves “sticky” by pushing customers to think through their challenges and providing best practices.

Sounds quite impressive, right? You can be this impressive as well! Even if you are starting out in your career, there are experienced folks around you at Accelirate that will gladly share their learnings with you and help you put your best foot forward!

Shahzad Khokhar

As my very first manager said to me a long time ago, “Shahzad, while some technical problems may put bread on the table, solving business problems will always put bread on your table! Don’t be a developer, more be a consultant!”
Let’s strive together to encourage and maintain a culture of being excellent consultants!