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Doing Process Discovery the Accelirated Way

What is Process Discovery?

Process Discovery is a technique used to identify, analyze, and quantify current business processes and workflows for potential digital transformation opportunities. By understanding the organizational structure, flow of work, and strategic goals, one can prioritize areas of the organization for a more detailed analysis of their automation opportunities.

Establishing a process discovery practice is critical in sustaining an effective automation program. Without a formal methodology for finding opportunities within an enterprise, time and resources will be spent on developing automations that do not provide commensurate value back to the business. It is also extremely important to align the benefits yielded from automation to broader enterprise objectives.

Conduct discovery for every business unit within the enterprise Establish value-based thresholds for deciding potential discovery targets
Entire enterprise scope leads to longer discovery timelines (6+ months) 4 Week Discovery Sprints per high-value discovery target
High initial outlay due to extensive timelines and consulting fees Fixed Price for Discovery Engagement per High-Value Discovery Target
High business SME time-commitment involving long hours of meetings Emphasis on low SME time consumption, accomplished using dynamic questionnaires

The Accelirate Discovery Philosophy

At Accelirate, we understand that the realization of value is the main objective for all automation programs. Discovery can often be a long process and add to the overall cost of a program, so our philosophy is to conduct a value-first approach to discovery. We do this by looking for opportunities in areas that have the highest potential for automation. This cuts down on time and resources spent as well as returning the highest value opportunities for automation development.

As part of our value-first approach, we utilize discovery tools that both enhance results, while also keeping business disruption to an absolute minimum. Interactive dashboards allow discovery data to be ingested and advanced analytics help find the best opportunities within an enterprise. Our business analyst created dynamic questionnaires create a quick and low-impact connection between the automation team and the subject matter expert knowledgebase. Process and Task Mining can also be added to give greater process insights and visibility to the business on their processes while also uncovering pain points.

Tools we use to Accelerate our Process Discovery

  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Process and Task Mining Tools
  • Dynamic Questionnaires