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Which UiPath Partner Level Are You Working With?

UiPath has truly built one of the most robust and thorough Partner Programs in the Enterprise RPA Space.  Whereas other Enterprise RPA companies tend to focus on financial commitments, UiPath has always based their program on making sure a partner is qualified for their tier to ensure the success of their clients.  In this article we outline those tiers to help ensure, based on your goals, you are matched to the program designed to your success.

Whether you’re a growing organization or a major enterprise, process automation will play a major role in your company’s future and operations; that is, if it hasn’t already. Selecting the right services partner is an important decision to consider when digitally transforming your organization and is critical to your program’s long-term success; however, it can also be the most challenging leg of the RPA journey. As a stakeholder in your organization’s automation program, where do you begin?

While some companies choose to consume bot licenses on their own by hiring internal RPA developers, this often leads to the licenses not being utilized to their full potential. Given the relative ‘freshness’ of the technology and its constant advancement, in-house developers are typically young and fairly new to RPA themselves, so unless an organization is willing to invest in the proper training resources, it is unlikely their automation projects will ever get off the ground. For most modern organizations, using RPA entails working with a services partner with proven implementations skills and advanced delivery capabilities to achieve the best results.

There are numerous factors to consider when evaluating partner options: customer satisfaction rate and a proven track record of delivery capability, reliability, cost of delivery, platform support, and other critical considerations. Let’s break down the partner levels of leading global RPA vendor UiPath and discuss how the right choice can drive your program’s success.

UiPath’s Business Partner Program was created to enable businesses across the globe to leverage the power of hyperautomation. There are three levels of UiPath business partnerships – Silver, Gold, and Diamond, with an additional certification for Professional Services (PS) Certified partners. Along with logistical requirements such as applications, a test environment, quarterly business reviews, and internal training for development and documentation, each tier has strict minimums for partners to meet a certain number of UiPath customers, developers, architects, and business analysts.

To earn Diamond status, the highest partner tier, a vendor must consistently provide proof of delivery to their clients and to UiPath. This encompasses delivering business consulting, professional services, developer strategy, and execution plans. Diamond Partners must also have a large group of certified RPA specialists to meet these requirements, along with internal RPA implementation documentation and an internal RPA training program for their employees.

Companies recognized as UiPath PS Certified are part of an elite network of service partners accredited with advanced delivery skills and demonstrated project success on par with the UiPath Professional Services team. To become PS Certified, UiPath evaluates the partner on the roles of a successful Center of Excellence (CoE) by completing a combination of Interviews, Technical Questionnaires and Remote Assessments. UiPath thoroughly tests 1 Business Analyst, 1 RPA Developer, 1 RPA Solution Architect, and 1 Infrastructure Engineer via a rigorous evaluation process and requires each to pass a specific testing threshold, guided by a UiPath representative. UiPath also leverages the HackerRank platform to evaluate and test CoE candidate roles. Once named a Professional Services Certified partner, the company must uphold these requirements and is held to yearly reaccreditation standards that entail lists of developers working on each engagement, new specialization courses every 6 months, and annual Customer CoE Lead and Project Code Reviews.

When choosing a partner for RPA services, we recommend an organization evaluates its options starting from the top. With a PS Certified Diamond partner, your organization will be in a better position to accelerate digital transformation and will be prepared for hyperautomation. The right service partner will be skilled in areas of knowledge that would be too costly or time-consuming to develop internally, such as process discovery or bot orchestration. An expert service partner will also help its clients avoid the most common pitfalls organizations encounter on their RPA journeys (see our RPA Pitfalls White Paper for more on this topic). The right service partner will guide your organization through program design, best practices, and change management, and will provide support and strategy throughout each phase. Organizations that use a service partner have reported smoother process delivery, less roadblocks encountered while scaling, greater scope of knowledge and expertise in related technologies like Machine Learning and AI, and overall higher levels of confidence about the long-term success of their automation program.

Accelirate Inc. is a UiPath Professional Services Certified Diamond Partner – one of only a few US-based firms with both certifications. The pure-play RPA and AI services firm holds a UiPath Services Network customer satisfaction score of 94% and is certified in UiPath Process Mining and Document Understanding. To be recognized as a PS Certified Diamond business partner out of over 500 business partners worldwide and over 50 business partners in the United States (as per UiPath’s website at the time of this writing) marks the company’s excellence in the RPA space. With service offerings such as a 90-day automation accelerator, a process discovery program, and a customizable bot monitoring and maintenance program, Accelirate leads the way in offering innovative solutions for the digital era.

With automation technology on the fast-track for global adoption, the specialized knowledge and delivery capabilities provided by a service partner can prepare your organization for the era of hyperautomation. Choosing the right one can help your organization take full advantage of the technology to ensure your RPA program is a success.

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