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Why Process Discovery Is the First Step to Gen AI Success

Fabio Silva | March 18, 2024

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The quest for automation has become a central pursuit for organizations seeking to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and stay competitive. However, the key to achieving success in automation lies not just in embracing it blindly, but in making informed decisions about which processes to automate and choosing the right automation solution for each specific task. This is where the methodology of Process Discovery emerges as a critical component. In this article, we will explore why organizations must employ a Process Discovery Methodology to determine which of their processes holds potential for Generative AI (Gen AI) and which are better suited for traditional automation. The ability to pick the right solution for the right process can make all the difference in achieving transformative results.

The Automation Landscape:

In our increasingly digital world, automation has transitioned from being a mere trend to an imperative for organizations striving for operational excellence. It encompasses a spectrum that ranges from the traditional automation of repetitive tasks to the cutting-edge capabilities of Generative AI. While automation promises myriad benefits, it is important to note that not all processes are created equal. Some are ideally suited for traditional automation, where predefined rules govern their execution, while others can harness the power of Generative AI to adapt and learn from data.

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The Imperative of Process Discovery:

The Process Discovery Methodology serves as a guiding framework for organizations to navigate the complexity of their business processes and determine their suitability for automation. Without a well-defined methodology, organizations risk automating processes that may not yield substantial benefits or even hamper efficiency. Process Discovery involves a structured approach to identifying, analyzing, and categorizing processes based on their suitability for automation. It provides the necessary clarity to discern whether a process should be entrusted to the adaptable capabilities of Generative AI or handled by traditional automation.

Identifying Process Potential:

The heart of Process Discovery lies in evaluating the potential of each process within an organization. Criteria such as complexity, feasibility, repeatability, and data dependency are considered. At Accelirate, our Process Discovery methodology is composed of a set of interviews, questionnaires, and tools, whose input is the process information shared by SMEs, Managers, and Decision-makers at a functional, role, and task level. This information feeds a data-model that calculates the potential for automation and provides objective results about the most suitable processes. Discovery empowers organizations to make informed decisions, ensuring that the right processes are earmarked for Gen AI's transformative potential and others for the reliable predictability of traditional automation.

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Process Discovery

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Benefits of the Right Solution-Process Match:

The advantages of aligning the right automation solution with the right process are multifaceted. Through a Process Discovery engagement, organizations can identify up to a year’s worth of automation opportunities.

Historically, our clients have identified up to 12 automation opportunities, 30,000 potential annual hour savings, 16 FTE savings per year, and $1,2M cost savings per year, depending on Process Discovery scope, organization size and structure. By leveraging Generative AI for processes that require adaptability and learning, organizations can unlock new levels of efficiency, innovation, and predictive capabilities. Meanwhile, traditional automation remains the bedrock for repetitive, rule-based tasks, guaranteeing consistency and reducing error rates.

In summary, this means cost savings, enhanced customer experiences, and the freedom to focus human resources on higher-value tasks. Real-world success stories attest to the dividends reaped when Process Discovery leads to the precise alignment of processes and automation solutions.

Want to learn more about our Process Discovery capabilities? Read our case study on Automation in Healthcare: Enterprise’s Process Discovery Engagement for the details!

Benefits of the Right Solution-Process

Ready for Automation Excellence?

In the relentless pursuit of automation-driven transformation, organizations must recognize that one size does not fit all. The road to automation excellence begins with Process Discovery, a structured methodology that helps organizations identify the distinct characteristics and requirements of their processes. Armed with this knowledge and guided by dedicated automation experts, they can make informed decisions about whether Generative AI or traditional automation is the right fit. The payoff is not just increased efficiency and cost savings; it is a competitive edge that comes from deploying the right solution for the right process. As we navigate the automation landscape, Process Discovery is the compass that ensures we reach our destination with precision, unlocking the full potential of automation in our ever-evolving business world.


Fabio Silva

Process Discovery Lead

Fabio is a Process Discovery Lead for the Process Discovery Practice at Accelirate. He is certified as a UiPath Automation Business Analyst Professional (UiABA) and a USN Business Analyst. Fabio leads the Process Discovery and Process Mining practice to deliver valuable automation pipelines, recommendations and insights to clients.