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Communications Mining with UiPath Re:infer

Why Communications Mining?

It is often quoted that the Data is the new oil. But today, over 80% of enterprise data is unstructured, growing at the rate of more than 55% per year. This unstructured data is generated from the communication channels between customers and the organization or within various teams in an organization. Just like crude oil, we could refine and turn this unstructured communication data into valuable fuel which could drive the organization’s growth with the help of communication mining.

What is UiPath Communications Mining and how is it processing unstructured communications data?

UiPath communications mining refines the value in daily business communications by mining, monitoring, and extracting context and semantics from the unstructured data found in a variety of communication channels by machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP). Every unstructured communication message is refined into a rich payload of structured data which enables the UiPath platforms to act on them.

With every historical and new incoming communication message, UiPath communications mining extracts all the references, key entities (like policy number, address, name, etc.), and context along with its inferred intents (like policy renewal request, address change request, new product query, approval requests, etc.) and sentiment (for products and services feedback, etc.). For instance, a customer sends in request for updating the address for the existing policy by sending email as shown below:

“I would like to update the address on my policy. My policy Number is 826HSY14. My new address is 123 Main St, Anytown, NJ 08297”

UiPath Communication mining analyzes the email and provides the bot with an action by identifying intent of the e-mail as “Change of Address” and will also extract the entities the following entities

Policy Number: 826HSY14

New Address: 123 Main St, Anytown, NJ 08297.

This is utilized to update the address for the specific policy by the bot and send the confirmation to the customer, without human involvement. This provides a frictionless customer experience with an incredibly low-resolution time.

Other use cases include

  • Customer Support Email Triage: UiPath communications mining can trigger and take automated actions in the existing customer support system by analyzing and determining the appropriate intent. This reduces response and processing time by increasing operational efficiencies across various customer relationship management (CRM) systems with accurate responses and drastically reducing human time spent on these requests.
  • For Organization leaders’ communication mining could be used to track and measure treads across various teams, which in turn helps in the continuous discovery of opportunities for process and task improvements by identifying the high return on investment (ROI) areas. Communication Mining can provide objective numbers on the types and volumes of requests being received which can then be fed into the automation pipeline.


UiPath Communication Mining is a no-code platform that offers fully customizable models that extract exact intents, themes, and emotions. High-confidence ML models are quick to train to keep overall costs low. It provides real-time monitoring with configurable dashboards, email alerts, and reports tracking specific themes features. With the prebuilt integrations, it is seamless to integrate with existing systems with powerful APIs and connectors for Robotic Process Automation (RPA). UiPath communications mining provides a voice to your data by analyzing and automating communication messages often lost in translation between existing systems.