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Managed Service Platform for RPA: How it Works with Accelirate

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  • February 2, 2023

Security, agility, and future-readiness have become the key demands of a post-COVID enterprise. Businesses – from small to large – are on the lookout for a solution that not only fulfills these demands but also ensures a seamless & efficient flow of their most sensitive and critical operational activities. At the same time, they want economic feasibility that sustains their digital transformation initiatives and immediate goals.

Although this may sound like a lot of demands to be fulfilled by a single solution, a Managed Service Platform (MSP) for RPA makes it possible. Indeed, RPA MSPs offer lucrative opportunities for businesses, with Accelirate bringing in added value. This article explores the endless possibilities of RPA MSP and demonstrates how Accelirate’s RPA MSP can transform standard automation with greater than ever benefits.

The power of robotics process automation (RPA) is undeniable, and it is no surprise that businesses are increasingly turning to RPA MSPs to help them reap the full potential of this technology. Accelirate, a leading Robotic Process Automation provider, offers a managed service platform (MSP) that takes automation to the next level. With Accelirate’s RPA MSP, businesses can enjoy greater efficiency, cost savings, and improved accuracy, as well as a range of other advantages. From accelerated implementation to reliable processes, Accelirate’s RPA MSP provides countless advantages to businesses. Additionally, an MSP can offer scalability, allowing businesses to scale up their automation quickly and easily when needed.

RPA MSP: Scope

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a powerful business process automation tool that can simplify everyday operations for enterprise-level organizations. However, small & medium-sized businesses often face difficulties when implementing and maintaining RPA due to its infrastructural and financial demands. To overcome these challenges, it is essential to understand the different capabilities of RPA and the ways in which it can benefit your business. By leveraging the scalability, cost-effectiveness, and precision of RPA, organizations of all sizes can improve their day-to-day processes and operations, becoming more efficient and productive in the process. RPA can free up resources and enable a more streamlined workflow, allowing businesses to focus on core activities that can help drive their growth.

RPA MSP is an innovative solution to this challenge. It broadens the scope of automation and thus operational excellence while negating the infrastructural hindrances and ensuring economic feasibility. As a Managed Services Platform, RPA becomes easier to implement and maintain on one hand, and significantly less expensive on the other.

Why Does Your Business Need RPA MSP?

By acclimating processes that are repetitive, time-consuming, and mundane under its fold, automation through easier-to-deploy RPA bots can transform how organizations approach their enterprise operations, and in turn, augment their potential. More importantly, entrusting enterprise automation to RPA MSP can significantly enhance their business vital, paving the way for unprecedented growth.

In addition to these benefits, implementing RPA MSP as a solution for your organization could also prove to be a valuable choice for various other reasons. Such as:

More focus on core business areas

Once the RPA MSP takes complete control of your automation processes, your IT teams will have better opportunities to devote their time to more strategic tasks. Accelirate’s RPA MSP, for instance, will ensure that all business automation initiatives are being implemented and take care of the mundane tasks like deploying & testing bots, fixing bugs, re-writing code, etc. while your teams can redirect their attention to core business areas including aligning business objectives, making a smarter business decision, innovation, development, and so on.

Cost reduction and risk elimination

While implementing RPA may come off as too expensive for many businesses, choosing Accelirate s RPA MSP won t. The Managed Services Platform will allow you to navigate the complex web of RPA implementation practices at minimum costs, providing a cost-effective solution for organizations on a tight budget. As such, you will be able to save more. Moreover, RPA MSP comes with the added benefit of enhanced security throughout your RPA journey, eliminating any potential compliance or regulatory risks.

On-demand scalability

More importantly, the innovation-oriented approach of RPA MSP facilitates easy scaling of the most efficient automation initiatives. This will ensure that your business never stops improving, making it agile, scalable, and future-ready.

RPA MSP: Use Cases

RPA MSP can serve your enterprise needs across specific departments, including IT operations, accounting processes, human resource management, compliance operations, procurement & sales operations, and so on. If you are still in doubt, here are three use cases where RPA MSP can bring a significant advantage.

User setup and configuration

The onboarding process can take up to 8 hours when OS in the IT infrastructure is set up manually. This not only adds up new expenses but also hinders the overall productivity of your teams. But by leveraging RPA MSP, you can effortlessly deploy bots to automate the entire setup process across each stage of IT infrastructure construction.

Data migration

Data migration, whether for replacing environments or consolidation, forms a critical part of IT processes. Manual data migration can consume a lot of time, cause irrevocable errors including data loss, pose significant security risks, and lead to overall inefficiency. Attributing these tasks to easy-to-deploy bots on Accelirate’s RPA MSP, however, can automate the entire data migration process with unparalleled effectiveness and safety, while keeping the costs to a minimum.

Virtual machine maintenance

Alongside OS setup, bots in the RPA MSP can make the maintenance of virtual machines effortless as well by accelerating automation across end-to-end steps, including installation & updating of software, drivers, creation of corporate and email accounts, the configuration of workstation parameters, creation of troubleshooting reports, etc.

Accelirate’s RPA MSP: A Powerful Solution for Businesses

Organizations want to spend lesser time choosing and deploying software. At the same time, they want to simplify their automation and data processing issues to ensure better adaptation & implementation. An RPA Managed Services Platform thus becomes the need of the hour.

Accelirate’s RPA MSP brings a powerful & game-changing approach to the table. It takes care of your organization’s end-to-end RPA implementation requirements, right from platform provisioning to platform support. We will assist you in:

  • Discovery: Facilitate the value-based rapid discovery of automatable processes while delivering a pipeline of automation in line with a positive ROI business case.
  • Build: Assist RPA implementation across process analysis, automation development & testing, and deployment & hypercare.
  • Run Support: Help maximize results by running support for automation along with other value-added services.

The Accelirate Advantage

With Accelirate’s RPA MSP, you can unlock unparalleled efficiency & productivity, along with ROI.

  • Save up to 50% with the managed services platform.
  • Scale on-demand and align immediate business objectives with RPA implementation.
  • Invest in what you need right at the moment with flexible contracts.
  • Ensure successful automation with end-to-end automation monitoring.
  • Get the best out of seamless & efficient code changes and easier-to-deploy bots.

To conclude

In a nutshell, Acceirate’s RPA MSP can be a real game-changer for your business, providing a key contribution to its growth, scalability, and competitiveness. Accelirate strives to bridge the gap between intelligent automation and cost-effectiveness using an innovative approach. This cutting-edge solution is sure to equip you with the resources you need to stay ahead in the market, both now and in the future.

Organizations facing budgetary constraints, and operational and infrastructural obstacles can look to Accelirate’s RPA Managed Service Provider (MSP) for support. We are your trusted partner in your robotic process automation endeavor, providing the highest capacity of automation and bots to help you reach your goals. Take the first step today and unlock the power of automation to unlock your organization’s true potential with Accelirate.