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RPA Lessons Learned #2

The traditional definition of a Center of Excellence (COE) is: a team of smart individuals who put together best practices and a governance model to enforce them. While this model has worked well since the dawn of technology, today, businesses are changing rapidly and new technologies are evolving at a fervent pace. It is not realistic for a group of individuals, or a central team, to keep pace and continue to build best practices and provide effective governance all by themselves.

Nowhere is this more relevant than in RPA. We don’t build an RPA COE, we “brew” it it, adapting it to every process we automate. It’s not the RPA COE that ensures a successful automation, it is a series of successful automations that define the COE.

The lesson learned is that an RPA COE is not a Center of Excellence, it is in fact a Culture of Excellence.

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