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Enterprises Capable of Managing Ever-Expanding Fleets of RPA Bots

Capable Award
An article written by ITBusinessEdge discusses RPA in the enterprise. As the RPA industry grows and enterprises get larger there is a need for help in managing the ever-growing fleet of RPA Bots. This article highlights Accelirate as a one of the only companies that offers such help to enterprises. With the creation of our new managed services like RPA365, an RPA Program Management and Automation Services Delivery offering, RPA-COE, a Center of Excellence Establishment program, and the Managed ROC, Managed Robotic Operations Center, Accelirate was noticed for being one of the only RPA companies to not just educate, evaluate, and execute RPA Programs but to offer services that continue to manage, scale, and improve the automated processes to match an enterprise’s growth. To read the full article, visit the ITBusinessEdge Website.