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How Accelirate's RPA Transforms Reward Point Auditing and

Saves Over $26,000 Annually for Leading Retail Company


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Client Overview

The client is a prominent retail company with an extensive customer base. They utilize a reward point system to incentivize customer spending and enhance loyalty. However, the manual process of auditing reward points was both time-consuming and prone to errors.

Key Takeaways

  • Intelligent monitoring and reporting capabilities enable proactive fraud detection and prevention.
  • Comprehensive data integration and cross-verification of flagged users ensure thorough scrutiny and transparency.
  • The scalable and secure RPA solution empowers the client to maintain the integrity of their customer loyalty program while freeing up resources for strategic initiatives.
In today’s competitive retail environment, reward points have become a vital marketing tactic to boost customer spending and loyalty. However, poorly managed reward programs can lead to significant financial losses due to fraudulent activities. Our client, a leading retail company, faced challenges in managing and auditing their reward point system. Accelirate assisted the client in designing a comprehensive and secure retail automation with RPA solution to streamline their processes, prevent fraud, and save valuable time and resources.

Transforming Reward Point Auditing with Automated Fraud Prevention

The retail company faced significant challenges in managing and auditing their reward point program. The massive volume of daily transactions made manual verification of the auditing process laborious and time-consuming. The audit team struggled to intelligently identify users who might be fraudulently claiming reward points, leading to inefficiencies and potential financial losses.
Accelirate addressed these issues by implementing a robust Robotic Process Automation (RPA) system. This system automated the entire auditing process, providing several key functionalities:
data collection
data collection

01- Data Collection and Integration:

Collected transaction data, reward point claims data, and card details to feed into the RPA system.

02 - Automated Data Processing:

Automated the process of feeding transaction data into the RPA system, ensuring timely and accurate data handling.

03 - Intelligent Report Generation:

RPA combined the transaction data, reward point claims, and card details to generate detailed reports. These reports highlighted users who exceeded a specific threshold in reward point claims.

04 - Suspicious Activity Monitoring:

Monitored the card information and transaction details of flagged users. Cross-referenced suspicious users with the Associate database to determine if they were employees or regular customers.

05 - Surveillance Review:

For flagged employees, reviewed POS counter camera footage to verify fraudulent activities.

06 - Action and Notification:

Based on the severity of potential fraud, took appropriate actions such as redeeming fraudulently earned points and temporarily or permanently banning the user’s account. Notified users of the actions taken and provided an opportunity for them to justify if they believed the actions were unwarranted.
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What Makes the Implemented Solution Different?

Let’s look at the unique aspect of the solution that made all the difference for the client and their existing processes.

01 - Comprehensive Data Integration:

The solution uniquely integrated transaction data, reward point claims, and card details, providing a holistic view of the reward point process.

02 - Intelligent Monitoring and Reporting:

The use of RPA for generating detailed reports and monitoring suspicious activities was a standout feature, enabling proactive fraud detection and prevention.

03 - Employee and Customer Cross-Verification:

Cross-referencing flagged users with the Associate database and reviewing POS counter camera footage for employees added an extra layer of verification, ensuring thorough scrutiny of potential fraudulent activities.
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Maximizing Operational Efficiency and ROI through Automated Reward Program Management

By leveraging Accelirate’s automated fraud prevention solutions, the retail company achieved significant results, transforming their reward point auditing process into a more efficient and secure system. The implementation of RPA not only saved significant manual effort but also enhanced the accuracy and reliability of the audit process. Here’s a closer look at the unique benefits and results achieved through this innovative solution:

01 - Time Savings:

By automating reward processes, the company saved an average of 18 to 20 manual hours per month, allowing the audit team to focus on more strategic tasks.

02 - Fraud Prevention:

The RPA system identified approximately 100 instances of fraud per week, preventing an average loss or misuse of rewards totaling $500 per week.

03 - Enhanced Accuracy:

Automation significantly reduced the chances of human errors, ensuring greater accuracy in identifying fraudulent activities and handling reward points.

04 - Efficient Action and Communication:

The automated system ensured timely actions against fraudsters and provided clear communication to users, maintaining transparency and fairness in the process.

05 - Scalable Solution:

The implemented solution was scalable, capable of handling increasing transaction volumes without compromising efficiency or accuracy.
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Explore How to Enhance Your Loyalty Program Today!

In transforming the landscape of reward program management, Accelirate has not only streamlined operations but also ensured security measures, safeguarding against potential fraud and misuse. By implementing a robust RPA solution, we’ve enabled the client to enhance efficiency, save valuable time, and maintain the integrity of their customer loyalty initiatives. This approach not only ensures a smoother auditing process but also empowers the team to focus on strategic endeavors that drive business growth.
Learn how Accelirate can empower your organization to achieve similar success in optimizing operational workflows and enhancing security in your processes.

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