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RPA and Smart Automation
Case Studies

Construction Firm Transforms the Employee Onboarding Process with Automation

The HR Department of a Real Estate and Construction Client is responsible for onboarding new employees, a process that includes setting up new accounts in Microsoft Exchange and 365, and determining which product licenses the new user will need based on their position and organizational unit. Since the client onboards about 70 new hires each month, they wanted to streamline this navigation-heavy process while ensuring new accounts were set up correctly.


  1. Bot Reads Ticket – When a new employee is hired, a ticket is submitted to the company’s HR management system with the person’s name, department, position, manager, and other details. The Bot logs into the system, ¬finds the new ticket, and ‘reads’ the user information.
  2. Bot Creates Exchange Account – The Bot enters the Exchange admin center (EAC) and creates an account for the new hire using information pulled from the HR ticket. After setting up their mailbox, the Bot assigns the new user to the correct organizational unit.
  3. Bot Creates AD Profile – The Bot logs into Active Directory (AD) and creates a pro¬le for the new user with their name, email address, job title, and manager. Based on the user’s organizational unit, the Bot will give them access rights to the appropriate groups.
  4. Bot Assigns Licenses – The Bot goes into 365 and selects which product licenses the new user needs for their job, based on division and organizational unit. The Bot also assigns the user a Skype for Business phone number.
  5. Bot Submits Ticket – The Bot goes back into the HR system and fills out a checklist on the new hire ticket indicating all accounts and applications have been set up. The Bot then submits the completed ticket. Afterwards, the Bot generates a PDF containing all of the new user’s information and emails the file to the HR department for their records.


Accelirate’s RPA solution reduced friction, since there was previously handoff between two HR groups for onboarding – one for setting up Exchange accounts and another for 365 licenses and additional applications. Automating this process also standardized information management across the HR department, since the Bot requires the same information to be collected for every new hire, regardless of position or unit, to successfully complete the onboarding process.

4 Minutes Processing Time per Ticket
76% Reduction in Overall Handling Time
90% Reduction in Manual Involvement