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BAL, in Partnership With Accelirate, Releases UiPath Connector for Enhanced Case Management

Leading immigration law firm leverages automation to improve client experience

Leading Immigration Firm BAL Global, in partnership with RPA Services provider Accelirate, has announced the launch of its UiPath Connector for Cobalt. Cobalt is BAL Global’s industry-leading digital case management platform.

Cobalt has been widely recognized for its intuitive, user-friendly features and its robust digital interfaces for exchanging data between common immigration systems. The proprietary software is also available as a mobile application, enabling users to easily check their immigration case status anytime and anywhere from their mobile device.

The newly released BAL Cobalt package in UiPath integrates Cobalt’s capabilities with the power of automation, using an RPA Bot to perform immigration and HR processes that rely on data and documents. This Accelirate-developed tool enables BAL clients’ teams to easily integrate their internal automations with Cobalt. The connector enables robust connectivity to BAL’s Cobalt system to search for a beneficiary profile by a variety of parameters, create a new beneficiary profile, search for a beneficiary’s cases, and create a new case for a beneficiary. Additionally, the UiPath Cobalt Connector runs independently of web browsers to safeguard user security. By automating document-based Cobalt activities, the connector can help reduce potential errors, as well as friction and possible environment issues. Leveraging RPA to streamline these functions offers BAL clients a simplified and secure user experience.

“BAL is just the type of innovative organization we are eager to support, and we’re thrilled they’ve adopted our technology to further that innovation working with Accelirate,” said Frank Czyz, Vice President, Americas Partners at UiPath. “Our hyperautomation platform is meant to help companies focus on what they do best – bringing supreme products to market and delighting customers – and BAL is already doing that. As the company continues to digitize its business, we expect their results with our solution will only get better.”

BAL, the world’s leading immigration law firm, is no stranger to automation technology. In 2018 the firm established its Automation & AI Development Center, and in 2019 announced UiPath as its selected RPA platform. Accelirate, a member of the UiPath Strategic Partner Network (Diamond National Partner), has since played a key role in the firm’s automation initiatives, collaborating with BAL to identify high-volume, time-intensive internal processes to automate. The release of the BAL Cobalt UiPath Connector marks another milestone in the law firm’s use of technology to make its offerings more efficient and effective for its clients around the world.

“This is an industry first for immigration. We love pushing the envelope by building solutions that add value through customer experience, productivity, quality and speed. BAL leads its industry in technology innovation and we are proud to partner with them to deliver this innovation to the firm and its clients,” said Ahmed Zaidi, Accelirate’s Chief Automation Officer.

The BAL Cobalt Connector is currently available on UiPath Connect, at