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INDUSTRY: Manufacturing & Retail

Accelirate's UiPath and GPT Integration

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Client Overview

At the forefront of global manufacturing, the client operates units and facilities spanning diverse countries, necessitating a strategic emphasis on efficient cross-border communication and streamlined ticket-handling processes. With a commitment to excellence, they seek to optimize operational efficiency, ensuring a cohesive and agile approach across their international operations. 

Key Takeaways

  • UiPath & GPT: Explore the dynamic collaboration of GPT’s linguistic finesse with UiPath’s automation brilliance. 
  • Ticketing Triumph: Witness how UiPath’s Jira automation eliminates manual errors and accelerates response times.
  • Productivity Powerhouse: Accelirate’s integrated solution empowers teams, enhancing productivity and focusing on critical manufacturing tasks.
  • Centralized Command Center: UiPath’s features provide a centralized hub for tracking, reporting, and continuous improvement initiatives.
Accelirate Inc, a top-tier global automation provider, collaborates with a leading manufacturing client to tackle communication and ticket management challenges using UiPath’s special automation features and GPT. The manufacturing company aimed to elevate communication efficiency and streamline ticket management across global units. They specifically needed a solution capable of translating messages in multiple languages, precisely categorizing requests, and automating ticket creation in Jira, a widely used issue tracking and project management tool. To address these needs, the organization partnered with Accelirate Inc, leveraging their expertise in UiPath-powered AI and GPT automation technologies. 
Accelirate Inc, a leading RPA vendor and UiPath partner, proposed a comprehensive solution, strategically combining the natural language processing capabilities of GPT with the powerful automation features of UiPath. But before we deep dive into it, here is a quick question for you to ponder over.

How crucial is efficient cross-border communication in today's global manufacturing landscape?

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Revolutionizing Global Communication & Ticket Management in Manufacturing with Automation 

Accelirate undertook a comprehensive solution to enhance manufacturing operations, starting with the meticulous collection and pre-processing of a diverse dataset of multilingual messages and tickets from the client’s units.
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The data underwent rigorous quality checks, ensuring relevance to the manufacturing domain and linguistic diversity before implementing the solution that included FIVE key components: 

01 - Data Collection and Pre-processing: 

The solution entailed the collection of a diverse dataset of multilingual messages and tickets from the client’s different manufacturing units, which was then carefully pre-processed to ensure data quality, language diversity, and relevance to the manufacturing domain. The focus was on optimizing translation accuracy and enhancing request categorization. 

02 - GPT Training: 

Using the collected and pre-processed dataset, Accelirate trained a customized GPT model specifically tailored to the client’s requirements. The model was trained on a wide range of manufacturing-related topics, multilingual conversations, and ticketing data. The training focused on optimizing translation accuracy and request categorization. 

03 - Message Translation: 

After deployment, the GPT model was integrated into the client automation platform, UiPath. Whenever an email was received in any language, the message was passed through the GPT model. The model provided real-time and accurate translations, enabling seamless communication. 

04 - Request Categorization:

Simultaneously, the GPT model analyzed the content of incoming messages and accurately categorized them based on predefined topics and departments. The categorization process utilized the knowledge acquired during training to identify the purpose and subject matter of each message. 

05 - UiPath Integration: 

Once messages were translated and categorized, Accelirate leveraged UiPath, an industry-leading RPA tool, to automate ticket creation in Jira. UiPath interacted with Jira’s API, extracted relevant details from the original message, and created tickets with the appropriate category, priority, and assigned team. This automation eliminated the need for manual ticket creation, reducing errors and accelerating response times. 

The GPT-UiPath Fusion:
A Symphony of Automation Brilliance! 

The integration of GPT and UiPath by Accelirate revolutionized the manufacturing enterprise operations, unlocking significant benefits in communication, ticket management, productivity, and centralized tracking.  

Imagine a soundtrack for GPT and UiPath working together.

What do you think could be the genre of music that best represents this dynamic duo?

UiPath and GPT together not only streamline global communication and ticket management but also ensue several other benefits. Let’s explore some of them. 

01 - Enhanced Communication with GPT Implementation: 

The integration of GPT and UiPath effectively addressed language barriers, enabling seamless communication across diverse units. Real-time message translation facilitated efficient collaboration and knowledge sharing, fostering a more cohesive and productive global workforce for the manufacturing organization. 

02 - Streamlined Ticket Management with Jira Automation: 

The automated ticket creation process in Jira, powered by UiPath, significantly reduced the time and effort required for ticket management. Accurate categorization, prompt ticket creation, and team assignments ensured quicker response times and improved issue resolution throughout the manufacturing organization. 

03 - Enhanced Productivity through Automation: 

The integrated solution by Accelirate empowered employees to focus on value-added activities, eliminating the need to spend time on manual tasks like translation, categorization, and ticket creation. This streamlined workflow resulted in increased productivity, allowing teams to allocate more time and resources to critical manufacturing processes. 

04 - Centralized Tracking and Reporting Efficiency: 

Leveraging UiPath features for ticket processing through Jira, the client gained centralized tracking and reporting capabilities. Monitoring ticket status, tracking response times, identifying bottlenecks, and generating performance reports became seamless, driving continuous improvement initiatives and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Accelirate’s integrated UiPath and GPT solution played a key role in creating a centralized system for efficient tracking and reporting. 

Email Processing Optimization Scenario:
Let’s Do the Math! 

  • Number of emails processed monthly: 6,000
  • Time taken per email (manual): 3 minutes 
  • Time taken per email (with BOT): 7 seconds
  • Previous manual processing time: 6,000 emails * 3 minutes = 18,000 minutes
  • Current BOT processing time: 6,000 emails * 0.7 minutes = 4,200 minutes

Hours saved with BOT:


(18,000 - 4,200) minutes / 60 minutes = 230+ hours 


230+ hours*12 months = 2760+ hours 

  • Straight Through Processing (STP) 
  • STP rate: 85% 

Emails Processing:


6,000 emails * 85% = 5,100 emails 


6,000 emails - 5,100 emails = 900 emails 

This implementation showcases significant efficiency gains, reducing processing time from hours to seconds, resulting in substantial monthly time savings and a high STP rate of 85%. 

Ready to Transform Manufacturing?
Take the Leap with UiPath and GPT Integration! 

Through the collaboration with Accelirate and the implementation of the integrated GPT and UiPath solution, the leading manufacturing enterprise was able to successfully enhance its global communication, streamline its ticket management system, and improve its overall productivity.
The solution’s capabilities allow for efficient cross-border collaboration, while reducing manual effort, accelerating issue resolution, and providing centralized tracking and reporting. As a result, the global manufacturing client has achieved enhanced efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and accelerated & streamlined manufacturing processes. 

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