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Accelirate’s New Partnerships add Case Management, Human Bot Interaction, and OCR to its Capability Lineup

Edison, NJ – Accelirate Inc., the largest pure play Business Process Automation Service company in the United States, is announcing new partnerships with four Process Automation industry leaders. Accelirate has recently partnered with both UK-based RPA Platform Giants, TrustPortal Solutions and Enate, alongside two other partnerships with the OCR company ABBYY and the low-code process automation platform, K2.

TrustPortal is a dynamic software company focusing on innovative developments in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) industry. TrustPortal offers an integrated digital workforce that combines human to robot technology with the RPA Platform Blue Prism and enables users to dynamically interact with any given automated process in real time. What TrustPortal does is allow customers to take advantage of a wide range of new automation capabilities through its secure and dynamic front-end user interface, resulting in a complete end-to-end experience. The benefit TrustPortal offers to organizations is the ability to collaborate and streamline decision making on any given automated process, including approval, sign-off, change and review. By enabling these digital services to interact with Blue Prism RPA it allows human interactions to be implemented by robot-driven workflows, thus extending Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce to all functions across an organization.

Enate is a global company that offers a Robotic Service Orchestration (RSO) platform to govern the delivery and management of services across a hybrid workforce of humans and automation bots. Enate has recently partnered with UiPath as a new integration to their Robotic Process Automation Service Orchestrator Platform. As a current partner with UiPath, Accelirate was eager to explore the capabilities of Enate, thus inspiring the want to partner with such an incredible company. Enate provides the foundation to digitize services regardless of what RPA, AI, or cognitive technology is in play. The platform enables the delivery of services from multiple locations to local standards while maintaining complete visibility and control (including the automation of KPIs and SLAs), all aligned to a detailed reporting of cost and productivity.

ABBYY is a Global Provider of Content Intelligence for Robotic Process Automation. They focus on making Process Automation Smarter by turning unstructured content into structured and actionable information using optical character recognition (OCR) technology. The software development kit ABBYY FineReader Engine allows software developers to create applications that extract textual information from paper documents, images, or displays. This AI-powered OCR Software Development Kit provides the automation application with excellent text recognition, PDF conversion, and data capture functionalities, enabling it to convert scans into searchable PDF, Word, or Excel documents, along with the added capability of being able to access data on photos or screenshots.

K2 is a Global Technology Company that focusses on a low-code digital process automation platform as an alternative to traditional business process management (BPM). With K2’s low-code digital process automation platform, you can develop and deploy powerful process applications quickly and at scale across an organization. Whether the goal is to automate departmental workflows or streamline enterprise-wide systems as part of a digital transformation, K2 offers both cloud-based and on-premise solutions to build, empower, and control business processes. K2 focuses on a low-code system to accelerate the development process, which is a main goal of Accelirate Inc.

Accelirate is solely focused on Business Process Automation and our main goal is to constantly be improving enterprise productivity through the implementation of the Automation Mindset by selecting the right processes to automate that will bring in the biggest ROI and time savings for the client Enterprise. These four new partnerships give Accelirate the opportunity to expand automation capabilities and offer countless new benefits to clients. For any further information on Accelirate Inc. their comprehensive RPA & AI services, or their new partnerships with TrustPortal, Enate, ABBYY, or K2 , please contact or visit