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Accelirate Launches State-of-the-Art Test Automation Center to Expand Portfolio of Automation Services

SUNRISE, FL – February 13, 2024 – Accelirate, a leading provider in Process Automation Services, is proud to announce the expansion of its services portfolio with the launch of its Test Automation Center (TAC). This new center will focus on providing comprehensive Test Automation Services. The formation of the TAC formalizes Accelirate’s already growing Test Automation Services practice, being utilized by many of its customers. Accelirate leadership recognized the market potential and need for enhanced end-to-end software testing through automation. Having a very strong process automation capability allows Accelirate to deliver test automation projects efficiently due to the overlaps in technology and personnel skill sets.
Among other services, the TAC will also specifically focus on customers with large SAP ERP implementations, reinforcing Accelirate’s commitment to innovation and excellence in automation solutions. SAP implementations are complex and testing of customizations and end-to-end workflows can be tedious if done manually. Accelirate’s Platinum Partnership with UiPath, the leading enterprise automation platform, positions Accelirate strongly for success. UiPath recently announced an expanded partnership with SAP and has stated Test Automation as one of the areas of growth focus for the company. Accelirate has already delivered on the Test Automation promise for a few large enterprise SAP customers.
The Test Automation Center by Accelirate is designed to address the growing demand for efficient, scalable, and reliable test automation solutions that can support complex enterprise ecosystems. With a special emphasis on end-to-end automation, Accelirate aims to deliver unparalleled expertise and results, ensuring that its clients can reduce their time to market and gain confidence in their software and workflow automation releases.
Accelirate’s Test Automation Center will offer a broad spectrum of core services, including:
  • Test Automation Services: Leveraging cutting-edge automation technologies to automate end-to-end testing of software applications, reduce errors, improve efficiency, and decrease time-to-market.
  • Automation Transformations: Transforming testing operations with automation at its core, to ensure faster time-to-market and enhanced software quality.
  • Regression Test Execution Managed Service: Offering end-to-end management of test automation and execution, enabling businesses to focus on their core operations while ensuring software quality.
  • QA Consulting: Providing expert consulting services to help businesses strategize and implement effective QA and testing methodologies.
  • Automated Testing for Robotic Process Automation: Ensuring that RPA implementations are thoroughly tested and validated for optimal performance.
“With the launch of our Test Automation Center, Accelirate is not just expanding its service offerings but also reinforcing its position as a leader in the automation space. We recognize the critical role of testing in the successful deployment of software solutions, especially in complex environments like SAP ERP,” said Ahmed Zaidi, CEO, Accelirate. “With the advent of generative AI Code generation LLMs, developers are creating software applications at a breakneck speed. Already understaffed Quality Assurance divisions are struggling to test software in a timely manner. The only answer is automation of regression tests so that the QA Team can focus on new functionality and creating scenarios to increase test coverage.”
“Automating and integrating testing for development teams empowers leaders like CIOs, CPOs, and CTOs to scale their digital transformation programs confidently,” said Rob Enslin, CEO of UiPath. “Leading customers see benefits like 10x faster deployments, 96% less automation downtime, and 40% reduced maintenance with UiPath Test Suite. We are excited to partner with Accelirate in launching its Test Automation Center to fuel enterprise growth and cost savings for customers.”
The Test Automation Center is part of Accelirate’s strategic initiative to provide end-to-end automation solutions, from process automation to test automation, ensuring that clients benefit from a holistic approach to their automation needs. With this expansion, Accelirate continues to pave the way for innovation and excellence in the automation industry.
For more information about Accelirate and its Test Automation Center, please visit here.

About Accelirate

Accelirate is a leading provider of Process Automation Services, dedicated to helping businesses streamline operations, improve efficiency, and achieve digital transformation through innovative automation solutions. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Accelirate offers a comprehensive suite of services, including RPA, AI, and now, Test Automation Services for large SAP ERP implementations.