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Announe IconHyper Automation using MuleSoft Automation Suite | June 21th


INDUSTRY: Transportation and Logistics

Accelirate’s MuleSoft Integration

Increases Operational Efficiency at Leading U.S Airport,
Saving $650K Annually


Faster Implementation than ESB


Increase in Operational Efficiency


Annual Cost Savings

Client Overview

The client is a major international airport in the United States. As the primary international airport in the region, it is among one of the busiest airports in the world, serving more than 75 million passengers. Their operations encompass various critical systems including Oracle ERP, Infor, Veoci, and Snowflake, essential for airport management and passenger services.

Key Takeaways

  • Accelirate facilitates the transition from Oracle SOA to MuleSoft, improving integration and data retrieval.
  • MuleSoft’s API-led architecture and reliability patterns significantly reduces system outages and the need for continuous human monitoring.
  • The migration to MuleSoft enables the airport to achieve five times higher operational efficiency while saving $650K annually.
  • Rapid transition from Oracle SOA to MuleSoft platform leads to implementation of 14 integrations in just 8 months.
  • Seamless integration of critical systems like Oracle ERP, Infor, Veoci, Snowflake.
As a leading international airport grappling with the challenges posed by outdated legacy systems and limited resources, the client faced complexities while using Oracle. Seeking a comprehensive solution to optimize operations and enhance overall efficiency, the client partnered with Accelirate, known for its expertise in system integration, to implement MuleSoft’s integration platform.
The decision to choose MuleSoft over Oracle was driven by its ability to seamlessly convert Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) interfaces to its platform, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations while maximizing efficiency gains.

Overcoming Oracle SOA Challenges with MuleSoft Integration to Accelerate Operational Efficiency

The client faced significant challenges with its legacy systems and integration processes. Initially, the airport implemented 14 Oracle Fusion Middleware integrations over 26 months, leading to system errors and inefficiencies due to complex data entry requirements. This slow implementation timeline severely hindered the client’s ability to modernize its systems and adapt to changing needs.
Additionally, the custom-built applications created by Oracle proved to be inefficient and difficult for airport staff to use. The combination of slow implementation and error-prone custom applications created a significant drag on the client’s operations.
Accelirate worked closely with the client to implement tailored solutions using MuleSoft integration to address these challenges by:
  • Rapid Transition: Accelirate rapidly transitioned the client from the cumbersome Oracle SOA platform to MuleSoft’s integration solution. This transition ensured minimal disruption to ongoing operations while laying the foundation for future efficiency gains.
  • API-led Architecture: By implementing MuleSoft’s API-led architecture and reliability patterns, Accelirate was able to significantly reduce system outages and the need for continuous human monitoring. This proactive approach to system management freed up staff resources and improved overall system reliability.
  • Synchronized Integration: A key component of the solution was synchronizing the integration of the client’s disparate systems. By fostering a cohesive data ecosystem, Accelirate enabled streamlined operations and improved data flow across the organization. This synchronized integration laid the groundwork for enhanced productivity and cost savings.

What Did the Integration Include?

MuleSoft successfully integrated a diverse array of systems critical to the airport’s operations ensuring smooth communication and optimizing data exchange. The integration included:
  • Oracle ERP (Core System): Facilitating seamless communication and data exchange within the airport’s core enterprise resource planning framework.
  • Infor: Enhancing resource management and optimization through streamlined integration with Infor’s suite of enterprise software solutions.
  • Veoci: Enabling efficient collaboration and communication by integrating with Veoci’s incident management platform.
  • Snowflake: Leveraging MuleSoft’s capabilities to integrate with Snowflake’s cloud data platform, enabling real-time data analytics and insights for informed decision-making.

MuleSoft Integration Drives Seamless Transition, Boosts Productivity and Unlocks Substantial Cost Savings

So, what happened next? Well, when the client switched to MuleSoft with Accelirate, it made a big difference for them. Let’s see how!
Cost Savings
Cost Savings

01 - Faster Integration

The implementation of 14 integrations was accomplished within 8 months (1/3rd of the original Oracle SOA timeframe), showcasing MuleSoft’s agility and proficiency in executing complex integration projects.

02 - Enhanced Productivity

The airport witnessed a substantial surge in productivity, achieving up to 3-5 times higher operational efficiency compared to the previous setup. This boost in productivity streamlined operations, optimized workflows, and enhanced overall performance, leading to a more agile and responsive operational environment.

03 - Cost-Effective Solutions

The transition to MuleSoft delivered significant cost savings, with the airport estimating annual savings of $650,000. This estimate underscores the tangible financial benefits derived from the enhanced operational efficiency and streamlined processes facilitated by MuleSoft’s integration platform. The cost savings from this solution not only improved the bottom line but also opened the doors for future investments and growth.
Accelirate Mulesoft Integration

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The successful implementation of MuleSoft at the international airport not only addressed its immediate integration challenges but also unlocked new levels of efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. This case study on the successful migration stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovative integration solutions, empowering organizations like yours to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. And with a dedicated MuleSoft partner, like Accelirate, rest assured, your journey will be seamless.
Ready to see how it can work for you? Connect with us today to explore how our expertise in MuleSoft can help you achieve your digital transformation goals and drive innovation in the transportation industry.

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