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Announe IconHyper Automation using MuleSoft Automation Suite | June 21th



Accelirate's MuleSoft-Powered SSO Transforms

Web Access Security for HSBC Bank, Achieving 70% IT Admin Time Reduction


Fewer Compromised

40 Mins

Saved Per User


Less IT Admin


Drop in Help Desk

Client Overview

HSBC is a multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It operates in 64 countries and territories worldwide, serving over 40 million customers.

Key Takeaways

  • Centralized access to Citrix applications through a single platform.
  • Improved security with JWT token validation for user authentication and authorization.
  • Enhanced user experience with customizable preferences and favorites.
  • Simplified administration with easy onboarding of new applications and user-driven preferences.
Accelirate, a global AI & Automation Provider, collaborated closely with HSBC Bank to revamp their digital capabilities, particularly addressing the challenge of providing streamlined and secure access to Citrix applications for employees. HSBC grappled with the inefficiencies and security risks of managing multiple login credentials for various web applications hosted on Citrix servers.
HSBC partnered with Accelirate, a trusted MuleSoft partner, to devise a comprehensive Single Sign-On (SSO) solution. Leveraging MuleSoft’s advanced integration capabilities, Accelirate ensured seamless communication framework between HSBC’s systems, including an Oracle database and Citrix servers.

Resolving Access Complexity with Seamless Single Sign-On MuleSoft Integration

HSBC faced significant challenges in providing secure and user-friendly access to their Citrix applications for employees. Users had to manage separate login credentials for each application that led to inefficiencies and raised security concerns. Accelirate worked closely with the HSBC team to develop a comprehensive Single Sign-On (SSO) solution using MuleSoft, which seamlessly integrates with HSBC’s Oracle database and Citrix servers. This solution:
  • Centralized Access: Provides centralized access to all authorized Citrix applications through a single platform.
  • Secure Authentication: Ensures secure user authentication and authorization with JWT token validation.
  • Customizable Modules: Allows users to define preferred landing modules within each application.
  • Improved User Experience: Enables users to set a preferred sequence of applications and define favorites for easy access.
  • Effortless Onboarding: Requires minimal effort to onboard new applications by adding master data to the system.
  • Streamlined User Preferences: Reduces administrative burden by allowing users to manage their preferences efficiently.

Empowering Users, Simplifying Management Through MuleSoft-Powered SSO at HSBC

If you are wondering what makes this SSO solution stand out, you are almost there in finding out the reasons yourself. The MuleSoft-powered SSO solution implemented by Accelirate at HSBC delivered a range of unique features and benefits including:
MuleSoft Powered SSO
MuleSoft Powered SSO

01 - Enhanced Security

By providing one login for all applications, the risk of compromised credentials was significantly reduced. The JWT token validation ensured secure user authentication and authorization.

02 - Improved Productivity

Users saved 30-40 minutes per day through faster application switching, thanks to the centralized access and customizable preferences. The ability to define favorites for frequently used applications further enhanced productivity.

03 - Simplified Management

Onboarding new applications required minimal effort by adding master data to the system. User preferences were self-managed, reducing administrative burden and IT administration time by 70%.

04 - Lesser Help Desk Tickets

The number of help desk tickets related to application login issues decreased by 12%, as users no longer faced challenges in managing multiple login credentials.
Accelirate Mulesoft SSO Secure

Innovate Today, Drive Change with Tailored MuleSoft Solutions

As we wrap up this success story of Accelirate and HSBC Bank’s collaboration, we have witnessed how the MuleSoft solutions of the former improved employees’ access to multiple web applications, enhancing security and efficiency. This case study highlights the significant role of innovative digital integration solutions in the banking sector.
Now, we are eager to hear from you – What challenges are you currently facing in securing your app access? Share your thoughts with us!
Also, with Accelirate as your MuleSoft partner, let’s discuss how we can tailor solutions to transform your organization and drive growth in the digital age.
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