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Accelirate Offers Automation Consumption Model with No Upfront or Ongoing License Costs

Sunrise, FL, September 9 – Award-winning RPA services provider Accelirate Inc. will be offering customers a flexible consumption model for process automation, it announced today, as a part of the company’s Managed RPA Services offering. As the largest U.S.-based RPA pure play, Accelirate is well recognized in the automation space for its array of innovatory services helping clients consume automation technology for maximum business impact. The new consumption model enables customers to leverage RPA without any upfront or ongoing bot license costs. With this, customers will now be able to recognize ROI for an automation as it goes into production with the ability to pay for their RPA usage by the minute and convert to an enterprise structure when it best meets their schedule.

“For a lot of SMB and mid-market companies, having the ability to pay for exactly what they consume gives them the confidence they won’t have any shelfware, and it lets them get their automation programs started faster” said Matt Gallo, Accelirate’s Chief Revenue Officer. “As for large enterprises, our consumption-based approach allows them to scale their licenses to include parts of their program that don’t require dedicated or constant licenses.”

Compared to the traditional automation software licensing model in which a customer purchases licenses based on their maximum capacity needs, the consumption model eliminates upfront licensing costs so customers pay only for their actual RPA usage – rather than simply their access to an automation platform or their potential usage. A consumption-based approach also offers considerable value to businesses seeking to leverage automation for high-volume events or one-off processes, including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Application standardization
  • Surge processes
  • System modernizations
  • Other large-scale data migrations

Customers are not required to consume a minimum number of licenses or minutes and can really tailor the model to their needs. Accelirate will be offering the consumption-based option in addition to its existing managed services pricing models.

With Forrester Research estimating the market for RPA services to reach $12 billion by 2023, Accelirate remains an industry pioneer in offering flexible and innovative ways for businesses to consume the technology for maximum value.

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About Accelirate

Accelirate is the largest niche RPA services Provider in the U.S. as well as a 2021 Forrester Wave Leader for RPA Services. Our mission is to help companies accelerate their business processes using Robotic Process Automation and AI Technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Smart OCR. Accelirate has experience in enterprise automation for a variety of industries such as financial services, oil and gas, legal services, consumer manufacturing, and retail. With a focus solely on process automation, our comprehensive set of automation development and implementation services were designed for enterprises at all stages of RPA and AI adoption; from process discovery and analysis to post-deployment monitoring and support.