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The Rise of Citizen Developers – Why Should Enterprises Care in 2023?

Shahzad Khokhar | September 1, 2023


The emergence of low-code and no-code application development is a direct nod to the rise of citizen developers.
Businesses can utilize citizen development to tap into the true potential of non-technical users and bridge the gap between IT and other departments to foster a collaborative and innovative culture while accelerating digital transformation & growth and maximizing agility & cost savings.
In this webinar, we will explore the transformative opportunities citizen development can offer businesses and unlock their true potential as a powerful enabler of digital transformation.
Join the webinar and learn:
  • Who are the citizen developers?
  • Why are they essential for enterprises?
  • How can citizen development accelerate innovation?
  • Can citizen developers develop applications faster than traditional developers?
  • How can citizen development reduce costs?

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