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Salesforce to Legacy System Document Upload

The Document Processing team at an online education client receives documents as attached to Salesforce’s custom objects. The processors read, rotate, crop, and convert the various file types and multiple attachments to a single PDF document and upload them to a legacy system and perform the data entry. This processing takes around 5 minutes per submission and is performed by hundreds of processors. Accelirate developed an automated solution to handle the repetitive tasks to facilitate faster document processing by retrieving, formatting, and uploading the documents to the legacy system. The solution also reads electronic documents that are generated by DocuSign and performs data entry in the legacy system.


  1. Bot Checks the Live Report– The Bot continuously checks the live report in Salesforce for the objects submitted and adds them to the working table.
  2. Bot Retrieves the Attachments – The Bot downloads the attachments in the order received, and for each object, Bot sets the status to In Progress using Salesforce activities.
  3. Bot Processes the Attachments – After the download of attachments, the Bot does three things:
    1. The bot checks if it is a DocuSign, then merges Envelope and Certificate using Process Automation Development PDF activities.
    2. The bot reads the document content from DocuSign server using the Document ID.
    3. If the attachments are scanned images, the Bot uses a Machine Learning model to format the images and convert them to PDF documents. Then the Bot uses PDF activities to merge the attachments into a single PDF document.
  4. Bot Uploads the Document – The Bot searches for users in the legacy system with information gathered from the Salesforces Contact and Opportunity objects using Salesforce activities and API calls. The Bot uploads the document and performs the data entry with information retrieved from Salesforce and DocuSign.

Accelirate has also created live dashboards in Kibana to monitor the volume and bot performance. The reports and dashboards are created in Salesforce based on the fields updated by the Bot to track success and escalated custom objects by business users. Accelirate’s automated solution runs 24/7 to facilitate real-time document processing and equip the document processor to focus on validating incoming documents. The Bot, on average, takes 120 seconds to prep the documents and seamlessly hands them off to the processors via views setup by the fields that bot updates.

12,000+ Man Hours Saved
24/7 Document Processing