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Automated Document Processing: Salesforce to Legacy System Document Upload

Overview Of The Company:

The case study revolves around an online education client and its Document Processing team. This team receives documents attached to custom objects in Salesforce, which need to be processed, formatted, and uploaded to a legacy system. With hundreds of processors involved, the manual processing task is time-consuming and requires repetitive actions. Accelirate developed an automated solution to streamline the document processing workflow and facilitate faster and more efficient processing.


The Document Processing team faced challenges in handling the manual processing of documents attached to Salesforce objects. The tasks of reading, rotating, cropping, and converting various file types to a single PDF, as well as performing data entry in the legacy system, consumed significant time. With multiple attachments and hundreds of processors involved, the need for automated document processing arose to reduce processing time and optimize efficiency.


Accelirate devised an automated solution to address the challenges and enhance the document processing workflow.

Checking the Live Report:

The document automation process bot continuously monitors the live report in Salesforce, identifying newly submitted objects and adding them to the working table.

Retrieving Attachments:

The bot downloads attachments in the order they were received, marking the status of each object as “In Progress” using Salesforce activities.

Processing Attachments:

The bot performs various actions depending on the type of attachment:
  • For DocuSign attachments, the bot merges the envelope and certificate using Process Automation Development PDF activities.
  • For DocuSign-generated electronic documents, the bot retrieves the document content from the DocuSign server using the Document ID.
  • The bot employs a Machine Learning model for scanned image attachments to format and convert the images into PDF documents. The bot then uses PDF activities to merge the attachments into a single PDF document.

Uploading the Document:

The bot searches for users in the legacy system using information gathered from Salesforce’s Contact and Opportunity objects, and uploads the processed document. Data entry is performed by retrieving relevant information from Salesforce and DocuSign.


Automated Document Processing: Salesforce to Legacy System Document Upload
The implementation of automation resulted in significant improvements in efficiency and time savings:
  • Man Hours Saved: Over 12,000+ man hours saved annually, enabling resources to be allocated to more value-added tasks.
  • Seamless Document Processing: The bot, on average, takes 120 seconds to prepare documents, seamlessly handing them off to processors.
  • 24/7 Processing: The automated solution operates round-the-clock, facilitating real-time document processing and ensuring faster turnaround times.